When looking at Champion vs. Weather Shield windows, the choice between brands often comes down to the smallest details.

Choosing windows to install in a new home or to use as replacement windows can be an important decision that affects not only the look of your home, but also your energy costs. When looking at Champion vs. Weather Shield windows, the choice between brands often comes down to the smallest details, with both energy efficiency and appearance playing a part in your findal decision.

In any comparison of Champion vs. Weather Shield windows, it's important to look at the energy efficiency of each brand's offerings. Champion windows all have the same energy-efficient glass, Champion's Comfort 365 glass.

The Comfort 365 glass is designed to prevent the flow of heat through the panes, keeping your home cooler during summer months and warmer during winter months. This helps keep the costs of heating and cooling your home down throughout the year.


Along with blocking heat exchange, the Comfort 365 windows also block UV rays from the sun, preventing them from fading your home's carpeting, drapes or furnishings.

When you directly compare Champion vs. Weather Shield windows, you can see that like Champion windows, Weather Shield approaches window design with a large emphasis on energy efficiency.

Weather Shield windows feature multiple low-E-coated panes that are filled with an inert gas to help prevent the transmission of heat between the exterior and interior of your home. Along with keeping your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, the glass design also blocks 95 to 99 percent of the UV rays from the sun, preventing interior fading of fabrics.

There is also an optional coating available for the windows that is designed to sheet water, leading to easier cleaning of the glass surfaces.

Unlike Champion windows, though, Weather Shield windows are available with multiple glass configurations, ranging from a dual-pane option to a triple-paned one.

Since both Champion and Weather Shield offer a high level of energy efficiency, your choice of Champion vs. Weather Shield windows may be determined by the various construction options offered by the window brands themselves.

Both Champion and Weather Shield windows are available in custom sizes and shapes to fit your architectural needs.

Champion Windows feature a vinyl construction that can be insulated with foam for additional energy efficiency in extreme weather conditions. They also feature wood casings on the outside of the windows, with colored PVC coated aluminum to make painting unnecessary.

windows-full-06Weather Shield windows also feature clad wooden windows, with not only aluminum cladding, but also fiberglass and vinyl window cladding. The fiberglass windows from Weather Shield are especially tough, as they are designed to endure the high winds common in storm-prone locales.

Both brands of windows should be installed by an experienced contractor. You can locate a contractor through QualitySmith! Once found, a contractor can give you some idea as to various window prices by providing a windows estimate that includes not only the cost of the windows, but also the cost of the labor needed to install the windows.

With an estimate listing the cost for new windows in hand, you should have everything you need to make a final decision between Champion vs. Weather Shield windows, choosing the window brand and model that best suits the needs of your particular home.