If you're undergoing a Jeld-Wen vinyl replacement window installation, there are a few things you should consider.

If you're planning on doing a Jeld-Wen vinyl replacement window installation, the process is pretty straightforward. When homeowners install windows, they have the choice of either doing it themselves or letting a contractor do all the work after a vinyl windows estimate is given. Before undertaking a Jeld-Wen vinyl replacemnet window installation, tehre are a few things you should know.

One advantage in having Jeld-Wen vinyl windows in the first place is that they come with succinct, easy-to-read instructions. They also have generous warranties that may cover full replacement installation costs.

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DIY step-by-step considerations

If you've weighed the options and opt to undertake the Jeld-Wen vinyl window replacement on your own, there are steps you will want to follow. The first thing you want to do is to check your window frame to see if you have any extending pulleys. If you have them, you need to take them off, or you can hammer them into the frame so that they won't get in the way when you begin your installation.

Next, you'll need to take some sealant and place a thin bead of it all around the overhanging piece that comes out of the exterior edge of the frame, also called the stop. Once the sealant is applied, you're going to take your new replacement window and slot it into the opening, pressing it firmly against the outside stop.

WindowsThe next part of the process involves taking the wood shims and inserting them into the middle of the sides of the windows and the frame. Insert them into the predrilled screw holes that should be located there. If you use a window that doesn't have these predrilled holes, take your wood shims and place them about half a foot from the top window corner and the bottom window corner. Take a 1/8-inch drill bit and drill holes directly into both the windows and the shims.

Take your sealant and squirt some of it onto a 2-inch pan head screw.  Insert all of the screws into the predrilled holes. When you insert them, you'll want to make sure the heads end up slightly below the window's surface. When they're all inserted, take screw covers and top of each screw so that they're all concealed.

Take a utility knife and score the wood shims in the area where they jut out past the window frame. Use your wrist to bend the shims forward and backward so that they finally break off at the point where the scored line is located.

Take some foam backer rods and stick them into any spaces or gaps that exist between the frame and the window, cutting back the excess with the utility knife in order to make the junction smooth. Squirt a line of sealant over the foam backer rod, and then go outside and apply the sealant on top of the point where the window sits on top of the outside stop.

If these steps are unclear, you can get additional information on replacing your Jeld-Wen vinyl windows directly from Jeld-Wen.

If you have Jeld-Wen vinyl windows on your home, you have already made a substantial investment. When the time comes to upgrade or replace them, these steps can help you but getting the assistance of a qualified contractor is always a good idea. QualitySmith can help by putting you in direct contact with local window professionals who can assist in the replacement of your Jeld-Wen vinyl windows.