Skylights are literally windows installed in your home’s ceiling and roof to take advantage of the natural daylight, to provide ventilation and to add to your home’s aesthetic value. Properly selected, installed and maintained skylights can contribute to lower heating, cooling and lighting expenses.

If you’re planning to incorporate skylights into your new home or considering installing a skylight into your existing residential area, you would find that it has many benefits such as the following:


1.Energy Efficiency

Skylights obviously cut down the need for electric lighting which in turn reduces your home’s energy costs and consumption. This helps you prevent the over-usage of earth’s unsustainable power sources, minimize greenhouse gas emissions, and protect the world’s natural environment.

Taking advantage of solar energy, which is an unlimited resource, means less reliance on toxic fossil fuels needed to run our households. Less reliance on electric energy means less usage of transportation, pipelines and other machineries that produce harmful emissions.

2.Physiological Impact

Skylights are a simple yet clever solution to increase your family’s exposure to natural light, which our bodies need to produce Vitamin D and serotonin – natural chemicals that sustain energy levels and positive feelings.

This is particularly important during colder months where we usually experience shorter days with little exposure to natural light. Skylights aid in providing us with the natural light that our bodies need in order to have that immediate positive impact.

3.Optimal Daylight

SkylightsSkylights put balance in your home’s need to light up all the rooms, reducing the glare which helps you see better. Besides, conventional incandescent bulbs have an unnatural yellow glow whereas skylights provide bright, white and healthy daylight into your living spaces.

Utilizing the sun’s natural power also minimizes your HVAC load and also lessens the heat emitted by electrically-dependent light sources. Skylights transform your living spaces into a more open, inviting and safer abode for everyone. Furthermore, we need 2-3 times more light to see than when we were in the younger version of ourselves and skylights meet that requirement.

4.Cost Savings

With skylights, it is not just warmth and ambiance that you get but the obvious benefit of cost savings. You will eventually notice that rooms around your house will require fewer artificial lights or sources of lights which reduces your natural gas costs and electricity bills. Venting skylights, for example, can also minimize your dependence on air conditioning systems during summertime. And by installing ENERGY STAR® qualified skylights, you also may have potential tax advantages and credits.


Get an instant ‘passive’ air conditioning system when you choose to install an electric venting skylight. Its exhaust effect draws warm air up through the venting skylight which provides a cooling effect and fresher air throughout your home – exactly what you need during the hot humid days of summertime.


Property value increases as time passes by and as a result, homes are being built closer to each other. The problem of providing sufficient natural light while maintaining privacy in areas around the house such as the bathroom, for example, can be resolved by the use of skylights.

7.Natural Beauty

Skylights2Through skylights, there would be a seamless bridge between your outdoor environment and indoor spaces. It allows you to feel more connected to nature. It is now possible to watch clouds blow past or birds fly over even at the comforts of your own home. A romantic evening with your spouse doesn’t have to be inside a posh restaurant or five-star hotel – just having the starry backdrop while having a simple dinner at home can do the trick.

Besides, the relaxing ambiance which skylights contribute to your living spaces can also improve your work attitude because of the natural lighting introduced inside your home.

8.Aesthetic Appeal

Natural lighting through skylights is still the best type of lighting highlight your home’s interior design. Incorporating a properly selected skylight can be challenging but you will be able to reap its rewards once installed. Daylight offers the perfect illumination for your living spaces, its unique architectural details and quirky elements.

Skylights can add to your home’s aesthetic value, which can increase its price tag if you plan on selling it in the future.