Kitchen Remodeling

The Ultimate Remodel

When people think of remodels, the first remodel that someone will think of is a kitchen remodel. Replacing cabinets, lighting, flooring, and appliances – it’s what people think of as a remodel. This is probably because in almost every home, the kitchen is the heart of all activity. You gather there to eat, chat, and start your day.

Planning your kitchen remodel well is half the battle. Knowing how to find a great contractor is vital. Understanding which parts you can easily do yourself and which you will need someone to help you with. This article will walk you through many of these points.

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Steps to Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

Here is a brief guide to getting started on your kitchen remodel. This step-by-step guide can help you get started and discover the things that you need and want.

  1. Begin with the things you want and need – If you need deeper drawers for pots or better lighting under your cabinets, write it down on a list. You might also consider things like a dishwasher, a side-by-side refrigerators, a professional stove, or a new sink as part of your remodel. This list should be divided between needs and wants. As you go through your budget, you will want to make sure that your needs are met, then your wants.
  2. Set a budget – There should be two budgets. The first budget is the goal. This is the amount you want to spend. It should be lower than your maximum budget. The max budget is the absolute top amount that you can afford. The reason you want two budgets is so that you can make sure not to overextend yourself. If you hit your goal budget, you will have already planned for a bit more. This will prevent bad decisions or painful debts that you can’t handle.
  3. Look around at what needs to be done – You might be inclined to do everything all at once, but your budget might not fit everything. If your flooring is good, you might be able to keep it. If the lighting works, it might be possible to keep it and save some money.
  4. Consider upgrades instead of replacement – Your cabinets might only need to be refaced. Your counters might be able to be reclaimed with a new covering of Formica or other material. The counters might be good, but a new backsplash might make all the difference.
  5. Decide what you can do and what you need someone for – There are a number of things you might be able to do for yourself. For example, putting a new sink with the identical configuration is relatively easy. Changing your counters or putting new cabinets in to your kitchen might be too much. If you are going to replace your appliances, the company that sells them to you might install it for free. Often, when you buy an expensive refrigerator or stove, the store will install it for free.
  6. Find a contractor for the things that you can’t do – If all you need is someone to do the counters, you might not need a general contractor. If, however, you are doing the entire kitchen, you’ll need an electrician, a plumber, and a contractor. You might need a cabinet maker and others. This is a job for a general contractor. A general contractor will hire the other contractors for you and make all of the arrangements. There are a few things to ask for from your general contractor:
    • Their license number – Confirm with the state that it’s valid.
    • Their liability insurance information – Contact their insurance company to make sure that the policy is up to date and paid for.
    • Their worker’s compensation insurance – This insurance will protect you from liability if a worker gets hurt on your property.
    • Online reviews – Look to see if there any significant patterns of bad behavior.
    • Interview them – Make sure that you will get along with them. They might be in your house for a long time.
  7. Get a detailed, written contract – You should know exactly what the entire project will cost you before the first item is purchased or the first job is done. Your contract should specify who will be working for the general contractor, how long the job will take to be done, and spell out exactly what will be done.

Things you can include in your kitchen remodel

Here is a short list of the things that you might want in your new kitchen. There are far too many options to list in a single article, but this might get you thinking about some ideas:

  • New sink – There are many different styles of sinks available from a crisp stainless steel sink to a farmhouse sink that lends a rustic style to the kitchen. And don’t be fooled into thinking you can only have a white sink; sinks are available in nearly any color.
  • Countertop and sink add-ons – A garbage disposal is a necessity for getting rid of little crumbs and junk in the sink. You can also consider putting in an instant hot water heater, either just for a small faucet on the side or for the whole sink, guaranteeing that you will have hot water at all times.
  • New cabinets – From open cabinets to ultra-modern styling, there are hundreds of styles of cabinets. Each style will set the tone for your kitchen. Take the time to visit a showroom where there are mock kitchens put together. You will want to open and close doors and drawers. They might not have the precise cabinets you end up buying, but you will get a feel for what your new cabinets are going be like.

  • Flooring – Do you want new flooring? You might choose from hardwood, tiles, vinyl flooring, or a number of other choices. It might not be necessary to replace your flooring, but it’s a great way to create a really new kitchen.
  • Islands – If your kitchen is large enough, you can look at putting in a new island. With an island, you can choose to add a new sink, butcher block, or more.
  • Backsplash – The backsplash for your counters is a place where you can a personalized touch, even if you do very little else. From simple Formica to colorful tiles, you can add a splash of color and style to your kitchen. Here is an article that can guide some of your decisions.

Working around a Torn Up Kitchen

Few things are as frustrating as having a kitchen that is torn up for weeks. There are few ways for you to make this time easy on yourself.

  • Use a grill for your cooking – Grilling out is a lot of fun. Even in winter, you can grill out. This will make it much easier to survive not having a stove or oven.
  • Have a microwave in the house – You can make everything from popcorn to pizza in your microwave. Instead of seeing it as punishment, consider the challenge of learning to make chocolate cake in a coffee mug. Microwave cooking is its own cuisine that can be fun to experiment with.
  • Plan dinners out with the family – You won’t want to eat out every night, but plan on a new restaurant every week. This will make your time without a kitchen more like an adventure in your area.
  • Go on vacation – This might seem a bit crazy, but it works if you have an older child that can stay home or family member who will house sit. They can watch the house while you and the family travel to some exotic locale, like Branson, Missouri.
  • Eat raw – This is another of those cuisines that many of us never really try, but it can be fun to explore a cuisine where everything you eat is raw. There are lots of cookbooks and websites that can take you through this very healthy eating trend.

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