Having Pella replacement windows installed in your home will not only increase the value of it, but also lower heating and cooling costs.

If you want to install windows in your home, you've probably considered a Pella windows installation. Pella is one of the most popular windows manufacturers around, well known for its quality products and stellar customer service. If you are considering using the company, you'll need to include several items on your to-do list, such as getting a windows estimate to find out how much your new windows will cost and figuring out who will do the installation. Windows cost a lot of money, so you need to do it right the first time. This article contains a brief guide detailing how to install Pella windows.

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Install Pella Windows

In order to install your windows, you're going to need the following tools: impervious or cedar spacers and shims, a window flashing tape, polyurethane, foam sealant for windows, two-inch galvanized roofing nails, a level, a tape measure, a hammer, a square and screw drivers. You'll first need to prepare the window's rough opening, ensuring that it's nice and square and that your sill is level. Check to make sure that the opening is the correct size for the window frame, allowing for an additional 3/4 inch at the height and the width.

Next, tape a small section of the window flashing tape and stick it on the bottom of window's rough opening. You'll want to extend the tape beyond the width by 12 inches while making sure that it extends from the exterior by about 3/4 inch. Then cut one-inch tabs into the window flashing tape and fold them towards the window's exterior. Apply pressure so that the tabs stick the barrier. You'll then need to cut an additional piece of flashing tape, making sure that it too is longer than the width by one foot. Press it to the bottom of the rough opening. Apply it so that it overlaps the first piece of flashing tape you laid down by about one inch. Tack on spacers to the bottom of the window's opening. The spacers need to be one inch wide and three-eight-inch thick. You can use shims if you wish, to make sure that the spacers are completely level.


Install Pella Windows

Take your window out of the plastic wrap, but don't open it or take off the checkrail bands or plastic shipping spacers. Take the installation fin, and fold it at a 90-degree angle. Take your polyurethane or other silicone sealant, and line the top and sides of the front opening's sheathing with it. Install your window from the outside of your home by taking the window and sliding the bottom of the window onto the spacers located at the bottom opening and then pushing it up into position. Take your two-inch nails and hammer them into the pre-punched hole in the nailing fin. This will hold the window in place.

Finally, take out the spacers and checkrail bands, and open and close your window a few times to make sure you've installed everything correctly. Lock the window and follow the instructions that come with your window in order to install the frame expander receptor and the frame expander itself. From the inside of the house, apply your window foam sealant in between the frame and the rough opening, and allow up to a full 24 hours for it to dry.

Check out QualitySmith if you'd like information about how to find someone to help you with your installation. Your Pella windows installation will be a great investment for your home. When it comes to windows, price is important, but you also want to pick a company with a great reputation, such as Pella.

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