These do-it-yourself home security tips are quick and easy. Start steps now to protect your family, property and home.

Don't let inflated home security prices prevent you from taking steps to avoid home robberies. In addition to working with professional companies that install home security systems, you can reinforce property with sturdier locks, smart landscaping, simple motion detectors and other measures to protect our home against robbery.


Burglars immediately search for easy entry points, so start the security improvements on your exterior property.

Burglary at home

Towering or overgrown greenery provides coverage for robbers. Establish a regular landscaping schedule to reduce blind spots where burglars can't be seen, especially blocked windows or doors. This tip also holds true for parked cars, which are large enough to provide adequate cover. If you have a garage, clear out space to keep your car housed daily.

Whether or not advanced security systems are in your price range, there are low-cost options to install home security alarms, including devices that mimic canines. Burglars prefer vulnerable targets and avoid the possibility of confronting a defensive animal.

Setting up fluorescent floodlights with motion sensors is another highly effective way to discourage robbers, instantly making them visible to concerned neighbors.

Protect-your-home-against-robbery-with-these-simple-measures-2You can also surprise approaching intruders with noise-prone lawn features, such as gravel rocks, which generate enough sound to alert you or your neighbors.

Robbers are practiced at picking locks, kicking in doors, breaking glass quietly, and similar intrusion methods. Putting multiple obstacles in a burglar's way, such as reinforced locks, makes him more likely to abandon the robbery.

Opt for solid doors over hollow varieties, reducing an intruder's ability to overpower weak door jambs. Pair sturdy doors with jimmy-proof or deadbolt locks that don't have areas robbers can pick or pry open. Double cylinder bolts offer similar protection by requiring a key on both sides of the frame a beneficial feature for glass doors.

Don't overlook any doors in your house. Smart burglars hone in on the areas you're most likely to forget, including back entrances and interior garage doors.

Protect-your-home-against-robbery-with-these-simple-measures-3Windows are very susceptible to property invasion and damage. Always lock windows before leaving your home. If possible, eliminate intrusion through unused windows by securing the frame with nails. At prices ranging from $50 to several hundred dollars, you can purchase do-it-yourself rolls of security window film to add a damage-resistant, shatterproof protective layer over your existing windows.

Windows are an ideal location for security alarms, which can trigger a central unit, a security service provider, and even your personal mobile devices if you opted for that feature.

Don't overlook communicating regularly with neighbors to make sure your space is never unprotected when you travel.

Preventing burglary-related damage keeps your home well maintained and at peak value. No matter how simple, choosing to install a home security system helps you avoid home robberies and financial ruin.