A comparison of wood siding vs stone siding to help you choose what is right for your home

If you plan to replace your existing siding, you must decide if you will replace it with the same style or choose an entirely different type of siding. Before beginning your project, compare wood siding vs. stone siding to see which one best applies to your situation. These materials are available in a variety of colors and styles, so you have the opportunity to completely change the look of your home without doing extensive remodeling work.

wood siding

Wood siding

Install wood siding: Wood siding is available in several varieties. The least expensive types are made of clapboard or plywood. These inexpensive siding materials can help you complete your project without exceeding your budget. Wood siding prices may be as much as $7.50 per square foot for the high-end types. These premium siding varieties include hardwood siding, wood shakes and wood shingles. Price is not the only consideration when purchasing this type of siding. You must also determine if wood is appropriate for your project.

One of the biggest drawbacks of using wood siding is that you cannot paint some varieties. This means that they will look beautiful when they are new, but the stain might fade over time, detracting from the appearance of your home. If you attempt to paint cedar shakes or some other wood siding styles, the paint may also peel. Another disadvantage of using this type of siding is that you need to stain it regularly to keep it looking good. If you do not stain it according to schedule, it could rot prematurely. However, this type of siding has one major benefit, that is, increases your home's resale value.

Stone siding

Install stone siding

Stone sidingStone siding creates a very distinctive appearance. Stone siding prices are generally much higher than those of wood siding. The price range is usually from $15 to $30 per square foot. Using this type of siding will increase the overall cost of your project; however, this siding does not require as much maintenance as wood siding. It is also fireproof, protecting your home in the event of a fire. Stone siding is very durable and resistant to insects and rot. The major drawbacks of using stone siding are its heavy weight and the possible deterioration of mortar joints. You will need a professional to install stone siding, so this is something else to consider when planning your project.

If you are considering wood or stone siding, you must understand the pros and cons of each material. Talking to a contractor will help you determine the best material for your project and create a siding installation budget. The QualitySmith service can help you find local siding contractors so that you can get started on your project as soon as possible. Before contacting a professional, compare wood siding vs. stone siding. Review the pros and cons, costs and maintenance requirements to determine which material will best fit your home and your lifestyle.