Who knew Verizon sells home security systems? Find out more about the pros, cons and pricing of their security kits.

Verizon indoor camera

Get peace of mind and save the time it takes to read through residential alarm reviews by considering a home monitoring system by Verizon.

Verizon Home Monitoring security pricing is reasonable, and it is easy to install. The system also gives you convenient features, such as the ability to turn lights off, unlock doors and view what the cameras see with your smartphone.

indoor camera

If you install the Verizon home security system, you can access a wide range of features in your home. The system works with indoor and outdoor networked cameras, smart thermostats and door locks, giving you complete control over your home remotely.

Here are some potential scenarios where you'd enjoy the convenience of remote control access:

  • Turn your heat up on your way home so that it is warm and inviting when you get there.
  • Check on your kids to make sure they are OK while you are out.
  • Let someone into your house who has forgotten a house key.Electronic door lock
  • Turn lights on to make it seem like you are home.

The above are just some of the things you can do with the Verizon system.

You should estimate that the basic Verizon system is going to cost about $90. You can save money by getting a pre-owned kit online. The home monitoring starter kit comes with:

  • A gateway device.
  • An indoor light module.
  • An indoor camera.
  • A welcome kit and installation guide.

Users must also pay for shipping and a monthly fee for unlimited remote access. If you want more control, you can order additional accessories or a more expensive package.

An energy accessory kit includes a smart thermostat, energy reader, remote control and appliance switches. While it costs a pretty penny up front, it could save you money on electricity and make you feel all warm and green inside.

You can also get an entry and energy accessory kit with the deadbolt keypad lock, one door and window sensor, smart thermostat and a remote control. This combo kit could cost more than the energy accessory kit, but less than the entry accessory kit.

An entry accessory kit comes with a deadbolt keypad lock, an outdoor camera, two doors and window sensors. This package will probably cost you more than any of the other kits.

The accessory kits are only available online. A la carte items, such as additional door and window sensors, cameras and appliance modules, are available too so you can customize your system to fit your needs.


The Verizon Home Monitoring system is easy to set up and useful for people who do not know how to make their own systems. However, you can buy your own equipment and make a home monitoring system yourself that will not require a monthly charge.

A con and something you need to be aware of: You must be an existing Verizon broadband customer in order to sign up for Verizon Home Monitoring and Control.

Residential alarm reviews show that the Verizon Home Monitoring system is effective, easy to use and modern. Additionally, the pricing is affordable.

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