A comparison of home security systems: Monitronics vs Vector

When you are choosing an alarm, you may come across Monitronics and Vector. While Monitronics home security prices and Vector home security prices are comparable, the final decision often comes down to individual needs. QualitySmith can help you find home security reviews of both quick-install home security alarm systems, so you can choose an option that fits your situation. Monitronics provides fully monitored systems, while Vector focuses on tailored solutions for your home. No matter which company you select, you will enjoy the peace of mind that a home security system brings.


Monitronics Home Security

Monitronics prides itself on providing the highest quality monitored alarm systems in the industry. While Monitronics systems aren't as cheap as a self-install home security alarm, they consistently get good home security system reviews. The higher price tag comes with a constant connection to the company's group of trained security professionals, so you can be sure that any alarm trigger will get immediate attention.

Benefits of Monitronics systems: Monitronics home securityhome security system

  • Instant response when an alarm is triggered
  • Two-way voice communication with security agent
  • Hands-free communication anywhere in your home
  • Password for extra security
  • Audio verification to reduce false alarms
  • Quick dispatch of emergency response teams
  • Connection to Monitronics Central Monitoring Station

Monitronics creates custom solutions that are designed to fit different living situations. Each package is designed to suit your needs and to protect a specific type of home. Whether you live alone or with a family, Monitronics can create an alarm system to meet your needs.

Common Monitronics packages:

  • Family protection
  • Single-parent homes
  • Senior citizen residences
  • Environmental hazard detection

Vector Home Security

Vector Security prides itself on designing a unique security system for each customer. When you decide to sign on with Vector, you will participate in a security assessment session. The agent will ask you questions about your home layout, valuables, and your lifestyle in order to create a package that will provide the best protection. Whether you are concerned about break-ins or you want to keep an eye on your kids while you're at work, Vector can help.

Vector security options:Vector home securityhome security

  • Monitored burglar alarms
  • Fire and carbon monoxide sensors
  • Remote video monitoring
  • Medical emergency button
  • Energy sensors and controls
  • Monitoring for pipe bursts and furnace malfunctions
  • Advanced home networking

Vector security systems can be customized with extra equipment. From home automation technologies to security cameras, the company provides cutting-edge products that expand your security system's functionality.

In many cases, the choice between Monitronics and Vector comes down to your communication needs. If you want round-the-clock access to security professionals directly from your home, Monitronics systems are the best option. If you prefer a custom solution that is designed specifically for your home, Vector may be the best choice. With QualitySmith, you can compare Monitronics home security prices with Vector home security prices, read home security reviews, and learn about self-install home security alarm systems.