Can your furnace get through the cold season effectively and efficiently?

Knowing the difference between a furnace that can be repaired and one that should be tossed out and replaced immediately is an important thing you have to find our soon before skyrocketing energy bills take a big chunk out of your holiday shopping or vacation plans.


Make an informed decision on your furnace to keep heating costs down this season. Consider the following:

1. Frequent Repairs

Keeping-heating-costs-down-by-installing-a-new-furnace-3Furnaces incur the most breakdowns during its final few years. If you find yourself replacing one part only to need another replaced or repaired after a few months, then it’s time to invest in a new one.

2. Improper Air Distribution

Though there are many other factors why your home might not be heated evenly during the cold season – lack of insulation, inadequate air sealing, duct problems, etc. – you might also want to take a look if your furnace still has the ability to properly distribute air.

3. Incorrect or Weird Flame Color

A natural gas furnace should produce blue flame. If it is yellow or flickering flame, your furnace might already be producing poisonous carbon monoxide. Other things you have to look out for include excess moisture on walls and windows, rusting on appliance jacks or on flue pipes, and streaks of soot around the furnace itself.

4. Strange Noises

Keeping-heating-costs-down-by-installing-a-new-furnace-5If there are frequent popping, banging or squealing noises, then your furnace has reached the end of its life.

5. Dust or Humidity Problems

If leaky ductwork is the source of the problem, there is still solution for this. Regular filter maintenance can also do wonders for your furnace. But if the problem persists, it might be because your furnace is not operating as efficiently as before or is already improperly sized for your home. Besides, old furnaces lack the moisturizing and cleaning to maintain optimum air quality at home.

6. Allergy Issues

An old furnace can be the main culprit why some family members suffer from allergies or why your home feels stale.

7. Outrageous Energy Bills

If your heating costs are still going up despite taking extreme measures to lessen your energy consumption, your furnace might already be losing its efficiency and can no longer meet your heat requirement at home.

8. Obsolete model

Keeping-heating-costs-down-by-installing-a-new-furnace-4Search over the Internet for its model number or approximate manufacturing date. If you can’t find any, then that is another resounding reason to replace it. If your furnace does not have an electric ignition and rely on a standing pilot light instead, consider this as an energy waster.

If you are experiencing several of the abovementioned factors with your furnace, then it’s about time to get a new one. Before you complain about how much it will set you back, consider first what the U.S. government is offering on the purchase and installation of any energy efficient furnace - a 30% federal tax credit, which is up to $1,500! This energy efficient tax credit applies all types of furnaces – gas, propane and oil – except electric furnaces. Now is the best time to take advantage of this great news and consistently keep your heating costs down in the long run.

So hire a certified HVAC technician who will give you an honest evaluation about the right size and type of furnace for your home including its energy efficiency and quality. You can have peace of mind knowing that a reputable merchant is going to install and maintain your furnace as well as help you minimize your utility bills even in the middle of the winter’s freezing temperatures.