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Learn how to clean air conditioner condenser. If you want your air conditioner to last throughout the hottest heat waves of the summer, learn how to clean air conditioner condenser components.


Air conditioner prices tend to rise in the warmer seasons as demand grows, so maintenance is recommended if you want to save money.

Your air conditioner condenser is the unit located outside of your home, so it can become badly clogged with debris. HVAC repair professionals recommend cleaning the AC unit at least once a year.

Spring is the ideal time for home cooling repair. Clean the condenser unit at least a few weeks before the temperatures rise in early summer and trigger you to switch on the system.

Start the learning process of how to clean air conditioner condenser parts by cutting off the power to the unit. There should be an electrical box near the unit that can be switched off to ensure there's no live wires in the air conditioner as you work on it.

Cleaning the fins, or vents around the unit, should be the first part. A shop vacuum will remove dust, insect nests and stray leaves that could block airflow and cause overheating. If any of those small fins are bent or blocked, use a blunt blade to remove obstructions and straighten the vents.

Whcentral air conditioneren you think you understand how to clean air conditioner condenser vents, graduate to interior cleaning tasks. Most units allow access through the exterior fan, which can be unscrewed and carefully lifted out. The fan remains connected to the unit through wiring, so have a box on hand to support it as you clean the interior components.

The shop vacuum is still the easiest way to capture loose debris or dust deposits on the various motors and coils inside the condenser. Clean away buildup on the fan blades to ensure maximum airflow throughout the summer.

Cleaning the condensing coil located inside the condenser unit is important because the condenser can't function properly when coated in dust. This coil cools down the refrigerant used in the system. This refrigerant handles the process of cooling the warm or hot air from outside the home.

There are many cleaning products available for cleaning the coils of the AC system, but light accumulations of dirt and dust can be removed with a soft brush or lint-free cloth.

The motors, bearings and belts inside the unit need inspection every year. It's best to invest in regular checkups from a heating and cooling contractor if you want to avoid voiding your warranty. Investing in maintenance will help you avoid high costs to install air conditioner replacement units.

While you may have learned how to clean air conditioner condenser parts, a professional should take care of the other regular tasks. QualitySmith is able to help you find a reliable air conditioner technician in your local area.