Protect America and Protection 1 both offer business security systems. Learn more about each system, including wireless access and prices.

Both Protect America and Protection 1 business security companies offer to protect your business. As an owner, you know the importance of ensuring your employees and customers are safe, as well as shielding your investment property.

The QualitySmith site can help you assess what you need to feel secure, by connecting you with local contractors for free estimates.

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Features available with Protect America

Protect America's business security package includes: Protect America security system. Protect America vs Protection 1 business security systems which one will you go for?

  • A control panel.
  • Two door and window sensors.
  • An interactive video camera.
  • A glass break sensor.
  • A secret keypad.
  • Three security stickers.

The company offers a mobile application that allows you remote access to your security system when you are away from your establishment. The system notifies you each time your system is armed or disarmed, allowing you to know when employees open and close your business each day.

Services available with Protection 1

Protection 1 security systems

Protection 1 offers a free security evaluation for any size of business. You'll be able to customize your service package with features that include:

  • Wireless burglar alarms.
  • Fire safety alarms.
  • Asset protection sensors to protect your more valuable items.

Choose between a variety of security system access controls, including simple keypads and advanced card entry units.

Video surveillance upgrades are also available through Protection 1, with constant monitoring of your employees, customers and property. Remote video surveillance systems allow you to receive text messages if anything goes wrong at your establishment, no matter where you are.

Smartphone applications offer additional remote control options for your security system.

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Comparing Protect America and Protection 1 prices

Protect America lists the price of about $99 for the equipment and a fee of at least $44.99 a month for the monitoring service. Protection 1 does not list specific prices for its business security services, but it you can get free estimates here. It depends largely on the amount of services that you need, as well as the type of equipment that you want installed.

Depending on the size of your business, both Protect America and Protection 1 offer additional services and upgraded equipment at an additional price.

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Before you decide to install a business security system from either company, compare the total business security alarm prices with all of the additional features you want included in the final estimate.

You can use the QualitySmith site to compare both Protect America and Protection 1 business security companies by asking a local expert to help you take every safety measure into consideration.

No matter which company you choose to protect your business, the right security system is one of the wisest investments you can make.