Both FrontPoint and Monitronics offer wireless home security systems.

Home security is foremost on many people's minds these days, and finding a home security system that provides excellent protection is key. Reading reviews  on sites like QualitySmith can help you compare security companies. We'll compare FrontPoint and Monitronics home security prices and features to see if either company would work for you.

FrontPoint pan-tilt camera

FrontPoint pan-tilt camera

FrontPoint Security is a very popular home security system provider. The company is unique amongst its competitors in that all of its systems are completely wireless.

You can choose the Protection plan (about $34.99 per month), the Interactive plan (about $42.99 per month) or the Ultimate monitoring plan (about$49.99 per month). There is an average $99.00 startup cost for each plan, and you need to sign a three-year contract. These three plans contain some or all of the following features:

  • 100 percent cellular.
  • Burglary/intrusion protection.
  • Fire monitoring.
  • Environmental monitoring (carbon monoxide, extreme temperatures, floods).
  • Life safety protection (for medical emergencies).
  • Around-the-clock monitoring.
  • Crash and smash (Interactive and Ultimate).
  • Security alerts (Interactive and Ultimate).
  • Geo services (Interactive and Ultimate).
  • Light control via home automation (Interactive and Ultimate).
  • Remote access and control (Interactive and Ultimate).
  • Video surveillance (Ultimate).
  • Wireless video (Ultimate).
  • Full home automation (lights, locks, thermostat, etc.).

smoke detector

Monitronics fire alarm and console

Monitronics is a home security company with more than 700,000 residential customers. It is renowned in the industry for its responsiveness and rapid response to emergencies. Monitronics offers its customers a varied selection of security systems. The following features are included in every plan:

  • Up to three wireless entry monitors.
  • One wireless motion detector.
  • One home alarm (more can be added).
  • A base control panel that uses either a landline with wireless backup or one with full wireless or cellular backup.
  • 24-hour monitoring.
  • Online account access.
  • Hands-free two-way voice communication.

You can add features to the plan to tailor it to your home's needs. Those extra features include things like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and heat detectors. The company does not provide video security, but if you wish, you can have it installed separately by local installers.

Once you've placed your Monitronics order, installation is handled by independent, certified local technicians in your area. The technicians have been fully trained by the company and are trained to respond to every issue customers may encounter. The downside is that you can't request a service call through the company's website, but instead have to go through the local installers.

There are no upfront costs with any of the plans, and any equipment you get will be included in your contract. You must sign a 36-month contract when you sign up, and a basic plan will run you about $31.95 per month.

FrontPoint would be a great choice if you prefer a completely wireless service that allows you to easily connect to your system from remote locations. Monitronics is good for people who are looking for reliable security systems and who also wish to save on startup fees.

When you compare Frontpoint and Monitronics home security prices and features, remember that at the end of the day, you need to pick a plan that will give you assurance.