A comparison review on Comcast XFINITY Home and Vector Security home security systems.

Comcast XFINITY Customers interested in affordable, reliable options for home security often have conflicting needs. The differences between Comcast XFINITY Home and Vector Security prices aren't the only factor in determining whether or not a company can best serve you.

Both companies perform well in home security system reviews. They do, however, address slightly different markets. XFINITY is aimed more toward people that wish to monitor their homes throughout the day and use extended features to control their indoor environments. Vector provides more of a traditional security service experience.

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Comcast XFINITY Home and Vector Security prices differ significantly, as do their basic services. Both companies offer basic intruder monitoring. Vector's basic package provides protection against intrusion, fire, flood and medical emergencies. Advanced XFINITY packages include fire safety and more home automation features.

XFINITY's basic package starts you out with a keypad, two door or window sensors, and one motion detector. Vector adds a keychain for remote arming and disarming. Additional features can be added on an as-needed basis. Obviously, this increases the costs of installation, supplies and monthly monitoring fees.

Vector Security may provide the most protection as well. XFINITY is similar to other security solutions presented by cable companies in that alerts are sent to homeowners via email and text message. It is up to you to monitor the situation and call the police if necessary. Vector, on the other hand, is more like traditional security companies and, after attempting to contact a homeowner, will alert the authorities when their help is needed.

motion detectorXFINITY charges customers a pretty penny to install any of its three standard packages with adjustments for extra features. Vector charges a rough $100 less for its basic setup.

Vector customers also have the option of purchasing their security equipment upfront versus carrying contract. Monitoring fees run a rough $35 each month and are dependent on your location.

For XFINITY, customers may pay $29.99 and up for monthly monitoring, depending upon the homeowner's needs.

If you would like the convenience of controlling your home environment away from home, however, XFINITY Home offers more by way of automation beyond arming and disarming your alerts. The Comcast system makes it easy to install home security alarm features along with the ability to adjust lighting and temperature, control home appliances or work security monitoring features, like cameras from a remote location.

These two companies provide similar services with a specialized flare. Vector Security is especially helpful for homeowners who need monitoring of their home environments and health conditions. Vector has the extra protection provided by a staff of operators ready to contact authorities on your behalf. XFINITY, in contrast, focuses more on home management and automation.

Comcast XFINITY Home and Vector Security prices vary significantly based on customization, making it difficult to determine which is more valuable based solely on cost. It really boils down to which features you desire.

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