Your guide to custom-built attic shelving systems.

Custom-built attic shelving systems turned into built-in bookshelves by Jessica Helgerson on Custom-built attic shelving systems are a great way to organize your attic for storage purposes, as well as free up living space in the rest of your home.


In most cases, attics are crammed with possessions we never use. In some cases, these belongings become broken, ruined, or simply misplaced in all the disorganization. Attic shelving can help reduce the risk of this happening.

Attic shelving

Without shelving or a storage system in place, attics quickly become rooms full of unorganized possessions. Attic shelving provides you with a way to organize all of your belongings neatly off the ground.

Not only does attic shelving free up room and help you achieve better organization, but it also helps protect the condition of the items you are storing in your attic. If you have taken the time to place and store items in your attic, chances are you want to keep them safe. Putting these items neatly on an attic shelf can help you accomplish this.

Attic shelving construction

shelvesAttic shelving construction can be relatively simple. While most shelving for attics will cater to the specification of most lofts, custom shelving is also available. Most kits you can purchase come with clear installation instructions to help you perform the task yourself.

If you are not comfortable with doing the installation yourself, you can opt to pay extra to have it done for you. Some of the leading suppliers offer this service upon purchase for an additional cost. If you do not want to go with one of their contractors, you have the option to choose and hire one on your own.

In either case, give as much detail of your vision to your contractor. Before he purchases materials, make sure you are both on the same page of what is needed and that you're provided with an estimate (including materials and labor).

Shelving for finished attics

Custom built attic shelving systems by Hawthorn Builders When an attic is finished, shelving options become different for a few reasons. One is that your attic trusses are likely covered by drywall if it is finished. Most shelving systems for attics are designed with open trusses in mind. Many of the shelves you'd find suitable for the living areas of your home should also be suitable for your finished attic.

Attic shelving options are nearly limitless when it comes to finished and unfinished attics. The benefits associated with attic shelving installation are great. Custom-built attic shelving systems are available through many different suppliers. You can install your shelving yourself or hire someone to do it for you. You can also use QualitySmith to find contractors in your area for all your addition and remodeling needs.