A guide to the exterior colors offered by Andersen Windows

One of the innovations in window manufacturing most appreciated by homeowners is the ability to choose from an extensive color range for the exterior trim. With many options to choose from, Andersen Windows exterior colors make creating a coordinated color scheme for your home an easy task. Andersen has five window product lines. Each series has different options for exterior materials and colors.

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Andersen exterior colors Andersen Windows exterior color options come with these lines:

  • E-Series Eagle
  • A-Series
  • 400 Series
  • 200 Series

The E-Series Eagle is designed for people who need total control over the look of their windows, and these windows' prices reflect that fact. Each window is custom crafted, so you can have windows in any size, shape and color you want. Andersen offers 50 colors in its standard palette for aluminum window exteriors. You can mix and match these colors on the frame, sash, divided lights and accessory metals for an even more individual touch. If none of the 50 colors is exactly right for your house, Andersen can create a custom color for you.

The A in A-Series stands for architecture, and Andersen presents this line as the best choice to match your new windows to the style of your house. This line of windows offers exterior aluminum cladding in a choice of 11 colors.

The 400 series is used extensively by builders and remodelers because of its durability, quality, ease of installation and weather-tightness. The 400 Series windows have a rigid vinyl exterior cladding, which is available in five colors. You can match the exterior trim to the color of the window or choose from 10 other trim colors for a more custom appearance.


The 200 Series, a more budget-oriented window, has the same rigid vinyl exterior cladding as the 400 Series, but the color choices are reduced to only three: white, sandstone and terratone. However, like the 400 Series, you can customize with 11 choices of exterior trim color.

As you can see, Andersen Windows exterior colors range from just a handful to any color you can create, depending on the product line you choose.

QualitySmith has a wealth of information concerning Anderson Windows exterior colors to help you decide which color will be best for your new windows. You should also consult an Andersen Windows dealer to see the actual colors and to get a windows estimate.

When you have made your choice and want to install windows, use QualitySmith to look for contractors in your local area. No matter what your windows cost, they should add to the attractiveness of your home, and the Andersen windows exterior colors you choose should make you smile every time you walk up the drive.