A summary of Andersen Windows 400 Series line of premium windows

The Andersen 400 Series is a collection of windows and doors that can fit most of your window needs. Although the large variety of sizes and window types provides extensive consumer choice, before you make a buying decision, you should look at the Andersen windows 400 Series prices, as the price of each window hung is largely dependent on the features chosen.


Andersen 400 Series casement windows

Andersen 400 Series casement windows: Many people looking to use 400 Series awning windows choose the simple casement design. The Andersen 400 Series casement windows are designed for enhanced airflow control in a room. The windows contain hinges along the side, so that you can open the full window sash instead of only half the sash as with other window designs. The windows feature solid wood construction that's covered by a water-resistant cladding and surrounded by dual-layered weather stripping. Along with improved ventilation, the 400 Series casement window can be used as an emergency exit if sized large enough. The casement windows can also be used as picture windows, depending on the glass placed within the frame.

Andersen 400 Series gliding windows

windowsThe 400 Series isn't limited to casement windows alone. There are several gliding windows available as well. Unlike the casement windows, the entire sash of the gliding windows cannot be opened completely. Instead, one-half of the window sash glides over the other half to provide the ventilation that you need. Traditional double-hung windows are also available from the 400 Series to give your home an old-fashioned look. These windows are available in both an insert model, which is quick and easy to install, and in a tilt-wash model, which adds the convenience of allowing you to tilt the window pane into the room for easy access when it comes time for you to clean the window's surface.

Andersen 400 Series specialty windows

Andersen 400 Series specialty windows: Specialty windows are also available with the 400 Series. One of these is the 400 Series bay windows. The bay windows consist of both tilt wash and casement windows combined to offer a large window solution that comes as a complete unit for easier installation. In addition to the bay windows, the 400 Series also includes gothic windows, circle and octagon windows, and circle top windows, among other specialty window types, to fit the architectural look of your home. The specialty windows can be customized to suit the particular size of your window opening.

Because of the wide range of Andersen 400 Series windows available and the chance to choose custom sizing for most of the models, coming up with a precise price can be difficult. A single window can range in price from $391 to $1,009. To gain a more accurate price for a particular window type and opening in your home, it's best to contact a contractor who can provide you with a windows estimate that covers the windows price at the sizes needed and the cost of labor. You can use the QualitySmith service to help you find able contractors in your area. Once you have the Andersen windows 400 Series prices in hand, you can make your final choice so as to begin to install the windows immediately.

Photo credits: andersenwindows.com