Sears is still a leader in home improvement products. Sears siding prices and brands vary depending on the size of the job and where you live in the country.

Smart shoppers know that Sears is more than just another department store. While you can still shop for clothing, appliances and furniture at Sears, you can also buy products and hire contractors through the store to complete a wide range of home improvement projects. You can even have Sears install new siding or replace the current siding on your home. Sears siding prices and brands vary depending on the size of the job and where you live in the country.


One of the biggest benefits to hiring Sears to install siding on your home is that the company has exclusive brands that aren't available from any other company or store. Sears siding brands include its Weatherbeater series, and all of its siding comes from manufacturers operating in the United States. If you prefer to use American-made products on your home, Sears is your place. Sears guarantees that its siding products won't crack, chip, flake or peel, and its vinyl siding retains its color for years. The products also include faux-grains and other decorative finishes that make the vinyl look like hardwood siding.

Sears siding comes in 11 colors:

  • Sears-siding-prices-and-brands-21Adobe Cream
  • Antique Parchment
  • Coastal Sage
  • Cape Cod Gray
  • Colonial Ivory
  • Glacier White
  • Monterey Sand
  • Mystic Blue
  • Tuscan Clay
  • Platinum Gray
  • Vintage Wicker

You can brighten up your home by selecting Sears shutters to compliment accent your new Sears siding. These shutters come in nine standard complimnentary colors:

  • Pine Green
  • Colonial Blue
  • Brandy Wine
  • Spring Mist
  • Sage
  • Navy Blue
  • Brick Red
  • Bronze
  • Black

When you get a sense of the colors and styles you want to consider for siding on your home, you can contact Sears and schedule a consultation. The company will send a siding contractor to your home who will go over all of the various options and give you a basic siding estimate. Sears charges a rate based on the square footage of your home. The Sears contractor giving you an estimate will measure your house to determine the amount of siding you will need. Siding prices can start at as little as $1.75 per square foot for materials, but your final total price will depend on a number of factors. Will the contractor need to remove or dispose of your house's old siding? How far will the contractor have to travel to get to and from the job?

What are the prevailing labor rates in your area? What are your contractor's insurance costs? How big of a bond does the contractor need to carry to work in your area? Will permits need to be acquired? By the time you factor in the cost of labor and materials, the price, even for the most affordable materials and color selections, can easily rise to more than $3 per square foot. That's why sitting down with a contractor beforehand to walk through an estimate is always a good idea. You don't want any surprises. New siding from Sears can give your home a fresh look. You can schedule an appointment with one of the company's contractors to get an estimate and to discuss Sears siding prices. You can also turn to Sears for the siding products you'll need and use your own contractors.