Hip and ridge asphalt shingle comparison guide: GAF vs Tamko

If you need to install asphalt roofing shingles, it is important to compare asphalt shingle prices as well as the quality of various brands of shingles before making a purchase. Comparing GAF vs. Tamko hip and ridge shingles is a good idea since both are high in quality and beautiful. Before installing your new shingles, speak with a contractor who works in roofing construction. QualitySmith can refer you to a reputable contractor in your area.

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GAF hip and ridge shingles

GAF hip and ridge shingles: GAF is one of the largest roofing supply manufacturers in North America, and the company's award-winning TimberTex hip and ridge shingles are built to last a lifetime. They are three times thicker than most residential roofing shingles, and they have a special Dura Grip seal that eliminates the possibility of them blowing or peeling off. They also have Color Lock granules, which ensure that the rich color of your TimberTex shingles will not fade over time. They also come in a variety of styles and colors, so you will easily be able to choose a style that best complements your home.

Tamko hip and ridge shingles

shingle roofTamko hip and ridge shingles: Tamko is one of the largest roofing suppliers in the world, and its hip and ridge shingles are also high in quality. They are as easy to install as most 3-tab shingles, and they are designed with granules made of durable fiberglass and minerals to ensure their beauty and strength. Although Tamko hip and ridge shingles are strong and aesthetically appealing, they are neither as thick nor as durable as TimberTex shingles. They are lighter in weight than TimberTex shingles as well, and they are also more likely to peel off over time. TimberTex shingles are more expensive, but they are also more likely to last for 50 or more years. Many consider TimberTex shingles to be a wise investment because they have the strength to withstand extremely heavy winds.

Your overall roofing cost will depend on your roof's size and the type of shingles you choose to install. It is a good idea to get a roofing estimate from a contractor. Contractors can also give you tips on how you can save money on your roof installation, and they can also suggest other brands of hip and ridge shingles that are durable and eye catching.

Because both companies offer high-quality shingles, you'll be making a great choice regardless of which shingles you choose. Both shingles are also water resistant and fire resistant, which ensures your safety and the safety of your family. Both companies are reputable suppliers in the roofing industry and offer an extensive roofing warranty, which should also give you peace of mind. When comparing GAF vs. Tamko hip and ridge shingles, keep in mind that they are both durable and will last for many years, but TimberTex hip and ridge shingles are thicker, higher in quality and more expensive.