Hip and ridge asphalt shingles comparison guide: Owens Corning vs IKO

When you decide to install asphalt roofing shingles as part of your residential roofing remodel, you will have many product options to choose from. If your home has ridges, you may want to consider conducting an Owens Corning vs. IKO hip and ridge shingles comparison. Both manufacturers are leaders in the residential roofing industry, and each company sells high-quality hip and ridge shingles for your home.

Hip and ridge shingles are made for homes with at least one ridgeline. Hips and ridges are vulnerable points on your roof due to their increased exposure to the elements. Hip and ridge shingles offer better protection than cutting traditional shingles to fit the ridgeline.

Owens Corning hip and ridge shingles

Owens Corning sells a complete line of roofing shingles and roofing accessories for your home. Its hip and ridge product line consists of five different types of shingles:

Owens Corning hip and ridge shingleship roof

  • DecoRidge
  • Berkshire
  • ProEdge
  • ProEdge Storm
  • High Ridge with sealant

Each shingle caters to a different roofing need. ProEdge Storm hip and ridge shingles are made with WeatherGuard Technology and are designed to withstand strong storms. High Ridge hip and ridge shingles are treated to resist discoloration caused by algae growth and can be used with 3-tab shingles. Ask your roofing contractor which Owens Corning hip and ridge shingles might work best on your roof.

IKO hip and ridge shingles

IKO sells residential roofing materials around the world and is a trusted industry leader in roofing products. IKO's asphalt hip and ridge shingle is designed to work with the company's other roofing accessories and comes with the following features:

IKO hip and ridge shinglesshingle roof

  • Class A fire resistance rating
  • Weather-resistant asphalt construction
  • Algae-inhibiting granules to protect color
  • Inorganic glass base

These hip and ridge shingles come in 10 different colors that coordinate with IKO's other asphalt shingle offerings. IKO offers a limited roofing warranty on its products. As with other shingle manufacturers, IKO provides a warranty that is subject to some regulations, so check with your contractor to make sure that your installation complies with all product warranties.

Asphalt shingle prices should be part of your overall roofing cost, so you may want to research around in order to get the best deal. You may decide to have your roofing contractor purchase all of your materials. In this case, you will want to make sure that your roofing estimate includes your materials cost

Most contractors are more than happy to do this, but you can usually save money by purchasing all materials yourself.

Replacing your existing shingles is an economical way to upgrade your home's exterior look. As you begin to research the different shingle types and colors that will best complement your home, consider conducting an Owens Corning vs. IKO hip and ridge shingles comparison to help narrow down your options. You can also use the QualitySmith service to help find the best roofing shingles and accessories for your residential roofing project.