Repainting your home's exterior is a fun way to update the look of your house without undergoing a major renovation project.

If you are ready to get your painting project underway, you might want to consider Benjamin Moore paints. You can get inspiration for your home's new look by researching different paint colors and color schemes to help you find the look that reflects your unique tastes.


Colorful Craftsman by Benjamin Moore

You can use Benjamin Moore paint color schemes to give your home a distinct architectural feel, even if your home doesn't have a lot of design elements. The Colorful Craftsman color scheme, which uses Affinity paint colors from Benjamin Moore, offers muted shades of sage, gold and blue to create a perfect Craftsman or Mission look.

If you are a fan of the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, you can use this color scheme to give your home a similar, organic, architectural feel.


Fresh Federal colors

Sometimes a home can appear regal with a monochromatic color scheme, such as the Fresh Federal color selection. The exterior paints used to create a clean and fresh look include shades of gray and a soft white.

By painting eves and shutters in different hues within the same color palette, you can make a bold and impressive statement.

You may want to consider adding a darker color for your home's front door to complete this look.


Cozy it up

If you own a cottage or bungalow, you might want to consider the Cozy Cottage color scheme from Benjamin Moore premium paints. A little more daring than some other color combinations, you can opt for a darker moss green for your home's primary color.

Adding earthy browns, oranges and other shades of green as accent colors can really make your home's exterior finish pop.

Affinity interior paint colors are available in compatible color schemes, so you can make the inside of your home match the unique look of your home's exterior.

Painting estimates

When you are ready to start your painting project, you should talk to painting contractors to get an itemized estimate for the paint prices and labor costs of your project. You can also discuss the pros and cons of different paint and primer types to make sure that your home's new exterior lasts for years to come.

If you are concerned about your impact on the environment, you can ask about using a zero-VOC paint, one with no volatile organic compounds, such as the Benjamin Moore Natura No-VOC paint. This line of paint is designed to have lower emissions, while still providing you with a full range of paint colors to accent your home.

When you are ready to repaint your home's exterior, you can find an experienced contractor who can give you an estimate for your project using Benjamin Moore paint, using QualitySmith. Repainting is a great way to make even the oldest home look new again.