A multitude of new & exciting products were unveiled from some of the top manufacturers & designers in the world at the 2014 Las Vegas Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS).

Sponsored by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), KBIS tagged a total of 76 new products with its Best of KBIS 2014 label, but only four spots were open for this year‰s Product Innovation Awards: gold and silver for both Best of Kitchen and Best of Bath.

Best in Show, Best of Kitchen Gold: Dacor's Discovery iQ Wall Oven

Dacor, the high-end, family-owned, American manufacturer of kitchen appliances, walked away with the top honor of KBIS 2014 for its innovative new wall oven: the Discovery iQ. The 30-inch, double wall oven features advanced technology that has never before been put to use in the kitchen.

The Discovery iQ has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. It can be controlled at home or away with a smartphone application. Other features include:

    • Built-in Android tablet. (Yes, you can play Candy Crush if you like.)
    • A guided cooking mode for finding recipes, watching cooking videos, and to send cooking instructions to the oven.
    • Four-part convection system.
    • GreenClean steam cleaning.
    • Ten standard cooking settings.

The oven is available in stainless steel and black gloss finishes. It retails between $4,300 and $7,400, dependent on size.

Best of Kitchen Silver: Glideware

Glideware LLC, a small manufacturer in Grand Junction, Colo., focuses on only the one product for which the company is named, and so far, this strategy has served the business well.

Glideware is a simple, yet convenient and space-saving product. It easily installs inside any kitchen cabinet. The vertical rail system slides in and out of the cabinet after being mounted to the inside top. Pots, pans and other utensils can be hung from stainless steel hooks mounted to the center of the rail.

Glideware makes efficient use of cabinet space, allows for easy organization, and makes it simple to select a pot or pan without excessive noise.


Best of Bath Gold: Delta's Temp2O technology

Delta Faucet Company is well known for their kitchen and bath products. They provide some of the top-selling models of retractable faucets in the United States.

Delta has recently begun working on several new faucet technologies, including the Touch2O and the Temp2O systems. Touch2O is a touch control for turning water flow on and off, but the all-new Temp2O technology earned Delta a KBIS Product Innovation Award.

The Temp2O faucet accessory provides users with a visual indicator for water temperature so that it can be adjusted prior to being felt. Temp2O has not yet been released to the public, but it is sure to be paired with a variety of faucets by the end of the year.

Best of Bath Silver: TOTO's Neorest 750H

TOTO USA is the bath-products division of Japanese parent corporation TOTO Global Group. It is known for using a holistic and environmental approach when designing new bathroom fixtures and products.

The Neorest 750H is currently one of the most technologically advanced home toilets on the market. The toilet bowl features a high-efficiency, dual-flush system that uses TOTO‰s proprietary Cyclone flushing technology, which is comprised of two strong water jets that create a whirlpool effect. The jets clean the bowl efficiently and quietly.


Other features:

    • Dual flush (1.0 GPF / 0.8 GPF).
    • A reserve tank for multiple flushes.
    • A bidet system with a heated seat, warm water, and warm air for drying.
    • Beautiful, modern design.
    • ADA compliant.

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