It's not only the service fees you should assess when comparing home security systems. See what Comcast XFINITY vs Monitronics have to offer you.

When making a decision on which company you're going to choose to monitor your home, Comcast XFINITY vs Monitronics home security prices will come into play. You also need to consider the different features that are available to ensure that the system will work for your family and meet your lifestyle needs.

QualitySmith can also help you make your decision by connecting you with a local contractor that installs home security alarms and can assess your individual concerns.


Comcast XFINITY Features and prices available with Comcast XFINITY

The Comcast XFINITY website offers package deals on the company's security solutions for your home. The three main packages are:

  • Basic: This package includes cellular backup, email and text alerts, Web portal service for enabling and disabling your alarm, touch-screen access for security functionality only, a motion detector, two window and door sensors and a wireless keypad for about $29.95 a month. You can also purchase an equipment warranty plan for an additional $4.95 a month.
  • Preferred: This package includes everything that the basic plans do, as well as fire monitoring, complete touchscreen access, home automation capabilities, complete web portal access to your entire security system and an extra window or door sensor for around $39.95 a month. You can also purchase video monitoring for an additional $4.95 a month and an equipment warranty plan for another $4.95 a month.
  • Premier: This package includes everything the other two packages do, as well as two lighting and appliance controllers, two indoor or outdoor cameras and a thermostat for at least $49.95 a month. Video monitoring and an equipment warranty plan are included in the monthly price.

fire detector

Features and prices available with Monitronics

Monitronics home security

The Monitronics website does not list specific prices, as they vary with the features that you choose. The company offers a form you can fill out to have a representative call you and a toll-free number where you can speak to someone directly. Some of the services the company offers are:

  • A password-protected alarm system that notifies the center if the correct password is not used to disable an activated alarm.
  • An interactive, two-way voice verification system that allows you to contact a trained professional at the security center from anywhere in your home. It uses a hands-free speaker system that only you can activate to alert the monitoring center about an intruder or emergency.
  • Service plans that include burglary, fire and carbon monoxide monitoring. If the center is unable to verify that you are not in danger, the monitoring station will dispatch the appropriate local authorities to your residence to ensure your safety is not compromised.

After getting a quote through either of the companies' websites or by getting an assessment from a local contractor through QualitySmith , comparing the prices of Comcast XFINITY vs Monitronics will keep you on budget. Research customer reviews and the specifications of each feature that is available too.