Costco vs Sears prefabricated vinyl outdoor storage buildings retailers: Points to consider

If you are considering the installation of an outdoor storage building, it can be beneficial to do a Costco vs Sears prefabricated vinyl outdoor storage buildings retailer comparison.


Vinyl outdoor buildings are one of the top choices among homeowners for a number of reasons. Resin or vinyl sheds are designed to last for a long time and to be superbly durable. Vinyl is resistant to insects, rot, rust and chips. Vinyl garden sheds, tool sheds and other sheds never require painting or staining.

Sears prefabricated vinyl storage

storageSears prefabricated vinyl storage Sears is one of America's favorite retailers and has been for decades. With such a loyal and large customer base, it is not difficult to see why many homeowners naturally turn to Sears when it comes to buying outside storage buildings. Buying exterior storage systems and sheds from Sears is a good idea for a number of reasons. Sears offers:

  • A large selection: From small outdoor garden sheds and tool sheds to prefabricated outdoor storage sheds, you will find a variety of sizes, styles and designs when shopping Sears for prefabricated vinyl storage buildings.
  • Financing: Sears runs promotions throughout the year for those customers who choose to finance the purchase of their outdoor buildings using their Sears consumer credit cards.
  • Low pricing: Sears is a huge force in the market, which means it can pass on savings to you on top-rated buildings. The company also features its own exclusive brands, which can mean maximum savings for you.
  • Installation: Depending on the Sears location, installation of the shed might be offered along with the purchase price or as a separate option.

Costco prefabricated vinyl storage

shedCostco prefabricated vinyl storage Costco is a top choice when it comes to purchasing outdoor storage options for the home and with good reason. Some benefits of shopping Costco for your outdoor building include:

  • Great prices: Like Sears, due to Costco having so many locations, the power of bulk buying comes into play when Costco determines its pricing. This can mean getting a top-notch building for less when you shop with Costco.
  • Wide range of products: Costco keeps many of its top-selling buildings in stock. The store has the capability of ordering other buildings that may not be in stock at each location.

Costco does not offer installation of the vinyl storage sheds that it sells. However, many homeowners are unconcerned with installation offerings, because they plan to install the buildings on their own. QualitySmith can help you find a contractor in your area to install the building for you.

Whether you choose Sears or Costco really boils down to your individual preferences, which store you frequent the most and whether or not the store has the building that you are looking for in stock, among other factors. When you are ready to buy an outdoor storage building, a Costco vs Sears prefabricated vinyl outdoor storage buildings retailer comparison can be helpful in choosing the right building for your particular needs.