Duramax vs Lifetime Products: A guide comparing prefabricated vinyl outdoor storage buildings

If you are looking for a durable, weather-resistant outdoor storage solution, a vinyl shed can offer the protection you need. Both DuraMax and Lifetime Products manufacture highly rated sheds that are designed to last. As you make a DuraMax vs Lifetime Products prefabricated vinyl outdoor storage buildings comparison, use QualitySmith as a valuable resource. Because storage buildings often come with a high price tag, you can ensure satisfaction by conducting research on both retailers in advance.

DuraMax prefabricated vinyl sheds

DuraMax focuses on long-lasting, durable sheds that are designed to stay strong after prolonged exposure to the elements. The thick vinyl exteriors are made to resemble wooden sheds, complete with faux siding and shingles. DuraMax storage sheds come in a variety of sizes, so you can select the model that fits into your available space. Whether you are interested in a basic shed for tools or a decorative DuraMax prefabricated vinyl storage shed that will act as a playhouse, DuraMax has an appropriate option.


DuraMax vinyl shed models:

  • SideMate
  • WoodBridge
  • Woodside
  • YardMate
  • DuraMate

Most DuraMax prefabricated outdoor storage sheds have double doors, which allow easy access to all of your tools and equipment. The wide entry also allows you to store riding lawnmowers and other large equipment. If you are interested in creating extra space for cars, ATVs or recreational vehicles, you can opt for one of DuraMax's larger garage-sized prefabricated outdoor vinyl storage buildings.

Lifetime Products prefabricated vinyl sheds

Lifetime Products makes exterior storage systems that have a similar appearance to DuraMax sheds. The Lifetime Products sheds come with additional design options like skylights, gables and decorative vents. The company focuses on design details that improve the appearance of your yard, so you don't need toLifetime prefabricated vinyl storage shed about aesthetics.

Lifetime Products shed options:

  • Curved doors for aesthetic benefit
  • Venting systems in the roof
  • Ornate gable detailing
  • Thick vinyl doors

If you are working with limited space, Lifetime Products manufactures varying shed sizes. Whether you are looking for garden sheds, tool sheds or general storage sheds, it is sure to have an option to meet your needs. The company also makes models designed to expand the functional space, such as the Lifetime Garden shed.outdoor storage

Lifetime Products functional design features:

  • Side entry doors for small spaces
  • Center doors and side wings
  • Extra-wide sheds for large equipment
  • Roofs with faux shingles for snow management
  • Durable, secure windows
  • Thick floors for protection

DuraMax and Lifetime Products make sheds that are designed for function and form. Both companies use designs that mimic traditional home construction, so you can create an attractive setting in your yard or garden or even on your patio. Whether you are planning to store tools, create a space for parties or increase your home goods storage, both companies offer products to suit. Both companies offer similar products, but DuraMax has a wider selection. When you conduct a Duramax vs. Lifetime Products prefabricated vinyl outdoor storage buildings comparison, visit QualitySmith for all of your data requirements.