Lifetime Products vs Suncast: Determining the best prefabricated vinyl outdoor storage building for your home

Prefabricated outdoor storage sheds come in a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to pick a shed that meets your storage needs and fits your lot or yard. Before making a purchase, conduct a Lifetime Products vs. Suncast prefabricated composite and recycled-content outdoor storage buildings comparison. Review the features of each model to determine which one is the right size and style for your home.

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Lifetime Products prefabricated recycled storage

Lifetime Products prefabricated composite storage Lifetime Products manufactures garden sheds, tool sheds and storage sheds. The smallest model measures 7 by 4.5 feet. This shed features two screened vents, two corner shelves and one skylight. The company also produces three sheds that measure 7 by 7 feet. All of them have a skylight, but the number of windows varies by model. Lifetime Products makes 15 different models that are 8 feet wide. One of the models is a garden shed that is only 2.5 feet deep. This shed is ideal for storing long-handled tools, gloves and other gardening supplies.

The largest shed produced by this company is 11 by 21 feet. Because there is so much space, the shed can double as a workshop or home office. This model has tri-fold doors, six windows, two vents, two peg strips and two corner shelves. All sheds produced by Lifetime Products contain a composite material called high-density polyethylene. This substance is often recycled, so this type of shed is ideal for those who want to buy products made from recycled content. The sheds also have steel trusses and lockable doors for added durability and security. The siding resists stains and never needs varnishing or painting.

Suncast prefabricated recycled storage

Suncast also produces prefabricated outdoor composite and recycled-content storage buildings.

The following models are available:

  • Cascadeoutdoor building
  • Sierra
  • Brookland
  • Alpine
  • Highland

All models are made from a double-wall resin, so these sheds are very durable. The shingle-style roof panels are reinforced with metal to protect against damage during storms. Some models also have reinforced floors, making them ideal for storing riding mowers, tractors and other heavy items. The lockable handles make it easy to secure your belongings when you are not using them. Some models have windows cut into the doors that enhance their look. If you are not sure which model is right for you, review the dimensions of each shed to determine if it will fit your lot or yard. Then determine which color and style you like best. This will help you narrow your options.

Lifetime Products and Suncast both produce exterior storage systems made from composite materials. No matter which manufacturer you choose, you must install the shed properly to protect your family members from harm. The QualitySmith service can help you find a contractor who has experience assembling prefabricated outdoor composite and recycled-content storage buildings.

Before hiring a professional, you must conduct a Lifetime Products vs Suncast prefabricated composite and recycled-content outdoor storage buildings comparison to determine which manufacturer makes a product that meets your needs.