Prefab modular story additions can increase the value of your home. Learn about some options.

When your family outgrows a home, the process of finding a new one can be stressful and expensive. Adding a home addition can add extra space without requiring you to move. When you are considering home additions, prefab modular story additions can save time and reduce hassles.

Professionals can install a modular or prefabricated story addition in as little time as a month, turning your single-level home into two-stories. As you research different story addition manufacturers, use QualitySmith to find consumer reviews and company information.

Compared with traditional construction methods, prefabricated and modular story additions allow you to reduce building time and save money. Choosing prefabricated residential additions also helps you avoid a great deal of construction noise, drywall dust and general disruptions to everyday life.

Apex Homes story addition

Westchester Modular Homes story addition

Westchester Modular Homes is one of the leading manufacturers of modular additions. The company designs, builds and installs a story addition in approximately one month, so you can enjoy a short construction process.

In general, the additional stories are assembled off site, shipped to your home, and installed with a crane. When you work with Westchester Modular Home, you can design a custom addition that works with your home's layout and suits your family's needs.

Westchester Modular Homes' services include:

  • Securing permits and inspections.
  • Removing the existing roof or story.
  • Dealing with electricity and heating.
  • Performing computer-aided design services.
  • Customizing flooring and walls.

Apex Homes story addition

Apex Homes also offers prefab modular story additions. The company is dedicated to efficiency and quality, so you can enjoy a larger home in a small amount of time. Apex Homes uses a factory line for assembly.

Advantages of Apex Homes' modular building units include:

  • They are completed by construction professionals.The Home Store raised ranch Westminster Vt
  • They have multiple floor plan options.
  • The company uses advanced factory assembly.
  • The company uses energy-efficient construction techniques.

Another manufacturer of prefabricated story additions is The Home Store, which focuses on high-performance additions. They have company architects on hand to provide design advice.

The Home Store raised ranch Westminster, Vt.

The Home Store constructs additions using its unique construction system, which allows you to enjoy maximum design flexibility. You can alter the company's base designs to fit your existing structure by changing eave style, roof slope, materials, siding and molding. By going the extra step to customize your story addition, you can make.

A Home Store modular story addition features:

  • Exterior style customization.
  • Custom sizes.
  • Energy-efficient construction.
  • Personalized flooring, walls and siding.

As you survey the options for a prefab modular story addition, it is important to consider the amount of customization you will need. An addition that matches your family's space needs and your house's overall aesthetic will increase your home's value.

When it comes to home additions, prefabricated story additions can make life easier and more pleasant for your family and guests. Turn to QualitySmith for all the details you need to select the perfect addition for your house.

Westchester Modular Homes is one of many vendors ff modular story additions.