When you decide that the Pella 350 Series window prices are worth the features, connect with contractors today.

Replacing worn and outdated windows in your home could lower your heating and cooling bills while improving the visual appeal of the interior and exterior. Comparing Pella 350 Series window prices to the costs associated with other brands is a little tricky, because Pella does not post prices on its website. However, you can request a window price directly from a local retailer to learn more.


The 350 Series was designed for homeowners who need new windows with a high level of energy efficiency. The company reports that testing revealed the glass used in this series is up to 83 percent more efficient than models equipped with three panes of glass. The various models in this product line fall into five distinct categories:

Pella 350 Series

  • Sliding: Simply push the pane back and forth along the track to get fresh air when you need it. Install windows of this type if you have family members with limited mobility or arm strength.
  • Special shapes: These decorative windows primarily feature fixed frames, but the round and half-circle shapes accent your home's beauty.
  • Casement and awning: Turn the handle to crank this type of window open with ease. The Pella 350 Series window prices for these models include hardware like the crank mechanism.
  • Single-hung: One moving pane and one fixed pane make this classic style ideal for nearly any part of the home.
  • Double-hung: If you want more options for ventilating a hot room, choosing double-hung windows so you can open each pane independently.

sliding windowYou may find that the Pella 350 Series window prices are worth the price when you consider all of the benefits of this product line. No matter what model you choose, you will enjoy a vinyl window frame that is stronger and more durable than similar products from other manufacturers. Other features give these windows a premium sense of style without a high window cost. The corners are carefully welded together to minimize visible seams, producing a smoother look on the interior side.

The tilting sash on double-hung and single-hung models also allows you to quickly clean both the interior and exterior sides of the glass without climbing up a ladder to reach windows on the second and third floors. You can choose between white and almond finishes for the interior side of the frame and brown, almond, and white for the exterior. Six different pane framing options are also available.

When you decide that the Pella 350 Series window prices are worth the features these fixtures offer, contact QualitySmith to find a trustworthy installer. We will connect you with experienced contractors who know how to install windows right the first time. Request a window estimate from your favorite company to determine whether your budget can handle this major project.