GP's Plytanium siding is versatile and affordable.

Aluminum, vinyl and fiber cement siding have all grown in popularity in recent years, but plywood siding is still a viable option. Georgia-Pacific's Plytanium plywood exterior siding prices are reasonable enough that many homeowners are reconsidering plywood siding as an alternative.

plywood exterior siding

Plytanium siding is a special product from Georgia-Pacific that mixes the efficiency and flexibility of wood georgia-pacific plytanium siding for your home siding with the low cost of plywood. Made from natural wood, the pieces come in large panels that you or your siding contractor can affix directly on your home. The pieces come unfinished, which lets you paint or stain the wood the exact color you need. You can also get Plytanium siding that comes with a coat of primer and sealer already added to the wood, providing an extra layer of protection to the wood. The primer and sealer combine to help stop water from penetrating your Plytanium siding.

Georgia Pacific sidingGeorgia-Pacific's Plytanium siding comes with a 25-year warranty, which can help you save money in the long plytanium plywood siding from Georgia-pacific run. You won't need to worry about some future repairs because under the warranty, the company will pay for them.

The Plytanium siding is available in a variety of different sizes to fit any home. Each piece features different grooves, built-in spacers and a slightly rustic finish.

Georgia-Pacific Plytanium siding ranges in price depending on where you buy the siding. A large selection of the product is available through contractor supply stores and through larger and even neighborhood home plytanium plywood siding from georgia-pacific improvement retailers and hardware stores. You can find a substantial cross-section of the product in Home Depot or Lowe's stores. Visiting one of these local stores will let you compare raw material prices and give you an opportunity to consider style options.

Georgia-Pacific’s Plytanium sidingIf you need a larger amount than your local home improvement store offers, you can purchase siding directly from the company, though this might cause an increase in your siding costs as you would be responsible for shipping costs. A qualified contractor can give you a siding estimate, but you might want to check out the Georgia-Pacific Plytanium plywood exterior siding prices available in your area beforehand.

Reviewing some of the price options listed on Home Depot and Lowe's online calculators and cost estimators, you can expect to pay around $30 to $40 for a single eight-foot long piece of Plytanium siding. Making your decision based solely on that calculation can be deceiving.

If updated plywood siding is an attractive option for your home, Georgia-Pacific's Plytanium siding can help you increase the rustic appeal of your home by replacing your existing siding. Getting firm estimates and some practical advice from an experienced siding contractor will help you make a sound decision and QualitySmith can help you find experienced siding contractors in your area.