Pigeons rely on humans for food and shelter but that's no reason that your patio or balcony has to become a safe haven for the rodents of the sky.

Ask anyone who has ever dealt with pigeon poop – on their clothing, car and around the house – and they will tell you that it’s not just an ugly nuisance in sight, but very stubborn to clean off.


Pigeon droppings are tar-like, heavy and quite resilient for the main purpose of keeping their nests intact for the nesting season, not dissimilar to the function of mortar to bricks.

Health Risks

The stress and wasted cleaning hours that piles and piles of droppings are the least of your worries. They carry a host of parasites and human pathogens which can cause food poisoning, respiratory diseases, fungal infections, and even blindness.

There are a few ways to re-route these fine-feathered opportunists:

1. Keep your patio spic and span

Make sure there’s no food scraps left around the patio or anywhere else around your property. Always clean up after outdoor parties. Feed your pets indoors. Put all trash in tight-lidded trash bins.

2. Put up distractions

Discourage these tenacious birds from making your patio its favorite vacation spot through any of the following distractions: wind chimes, Mylar-type balloons, rubber snakes, or anything that’s shiny, glossy or sparkly.

3. Install anti-roosting spikes

anti-roosting-spikesGet it from your local hardware store or put your DIY enthusiasm into action to make your own. Either way, these spikes creates an ‘unperchable’ environment on your patio to discourage tenacious pigeons from lurking around.

It might take some time and effort to install it but it is one surefire pigeon deterrent system that’s gonna serve you well for years to come.

4. Make it sticky

This works well especially for renters who cannot opt for a more permanent solution. Commercial gel repellents make for a sticky or slippery surface which can ward off those fearless rabble-rousers from perching on the patio.

Naturally, wind, moisture and other weather elements can take their toll on the gel so you have to have the patience to re-apply it as often as needed.

5. Use organic, homemade deterrents

Take a generous amount of cinnamon, chili powder, black pepper or pomanders or strong spices and spread around your patio and exterior window sills. Make sure to replenish it frequently to ensure its effectiveness.

6. Go modern

Most businessmen and some homeowners who don’t mind splurging a bit just to ward off these scavenging creatures resort to ultrasonic devices. This modern technology creates a ‘sonic net’ which can be confusing for pigeons.

7. Make your property less pigeon-friendly

Soffits, vents and large gaps are just some of the most inviting areas in your property for pigeons to do more than just poop but worse, to relocate for good. Discourage them from being happy homesteaders by using fine-mesh screen or other commercially-installed coverings over these areas.

In case the inconvenience of pigeons wasn't enough, there is also the health aspect. Birds feces can carry over 60 diseases . It's important for your family that you are able to get this situation under control.