Providing an overview of the standard pressure sensors available to augment any home security system

One of the most critical elements of any home security system is its ability to detect unwanted activity in and around the home. Home security pressure sensors are a key element in heightening the reaction and response triggers for a home security system. Having an understanding of home these sensors work and how they can compliment your home security system will make you a better-informed consumer.

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Home security systems typically work by setting off an alarm or other monitoring or reporting device (i.e. video cameras) when sensors are activated. Motion sensors are commonly used in home security systems and work by either sensing the opening of a door or window or movement in and around a certain area being monitored by the sensor device. Pressure sensors can offer an additional layer of security by sensing when something or someone steps on the device or puts pressure on a key entry point. Such sensors are linked to some form of notification, usually alarms.

Some common types of pressure sensors include:

  • Pressure sensor mats
  • Underground pressure sensors
  • Break glass sensors

A pressure sensor mat offers the benefit of being able to be easily relocated. It can also be positioned anywhere. Less work is involved in setting up this type of sensor, so it is also usually less expensive. Pressure sensor mats are usually positioned where someone would naturally cross them as they enter your home, such as just inside the front door or beneath a window. These types of mats can be used alone or can be located under a rug or even a carpet. When someone steps on the mat, a signal is transmitted to the main unit. In turn, this sets off a light or an alarm. Pressure sensors typically operate on battery power.

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Buried pressure sensors

Buried pressure sensors are often more expensive due to the increased installation work required. Strategic planning is important for placement. These types of sensors work similarly to pressure sensor mats. When someone steps in the area where the sensors are buried, a signal is transmitted. Valves are often used to regulate pressure and ensure that heavy snow or rain does not inadvertently trigger the sensors.

Break glass sensors, as the name suggests, can be triggered when a window or glass in a door is broken or when excessive pressure is applied to the glass surface.

By deciding to install home security pressure detectors in your home when you install home security alarm equipment, you can increase security in your home. QualitySmith can assist you in the process by connecting you with local home security professionals who can aid you in selecting and installing all of the components of your home security system.

Home Depot is an excellent place to start your search for a home pressure sensor system.