A brief discussion of what you should consider when thinking about adding business video surveillance cameras to your security system

For business owners, security is an important consideration. Whether you use a self-install business security system or a monitored system, business video surveillance cameras can boost the effectiveness of your business security system.

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Business surveillance video cameras

Business surveillance cameras offer a greater level of protection for your business than a standard entry alarm alone.

Some of the benefits of business security cameras are:

  • Provide evidence for the police
  • Offer protection in the case of a lawsuit
  • Allow identification of suspicious people
  • Reduce the risk of employee theft
  • Empower monitoring for fires, floods, and equipment problems

Surveillance video cameras are most effective when integrated into a larger business security system. An important support system for your business video surveillance is having monitoring services as part of the business security video cameras and monitoring systems package. Remote monitoring gives you the most flexibility as with these systems, you can use a Web login or a smart phone application to access your cameras from across town or across the world.

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Some of the benefits of remote video monitoring include:

  • Access cameras using your smart phone or computer
  • View live video feeds to see spaces in real time
  • Access archived video footage
  • Use Web apps to adjust tilt and zoom or even re-et cameras

For most businesses, surveillance cameras are an added benefit. As you purchase cameras to go with your security system, it is important to consider legal restrictions and privacy concerns. Cameras are legal, but some states prohibit you from capturing audio along with the video feed. In general, it is best not to put video surveillance cameras can help you protect your business cameras anywhere with privacy concerns, like bathrooms or locker rooms.

Some business locations that benefit from video surveillance include:

  • Warehouses
  • Large, open offices
  • Storerooms
  • All business entrances
  • Shop floors
  • Conference rooms
  • Parking lots
  • Manufacturing lines

If you run a business and have been considering adding or upgrading a security system, adding video surveillance cameras is one thing you will want to consider. QualitySmith can assist you by connecting you with business security professionals in your area.

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