Laminate floors are a great easy to maintain and durable alternative to hardwood. However, they still come with their own set of cleaning instructions.

Unfortunately, they can’t be refinished like what you do with hardwood floors. You can keep your laminate floors clean, shiny and streak-free by following these maintenance tips, everyday cleaning methods, and stain removal how-tos.


  1. Regularly sweep the floor. Laminate floors are fairly scratch-resistant but excess dirt and debris can cause scratches to form. Avoid a standard floor brush because its stiff, straw-like bristles could damage the surface.
  2. With the right mop, cleaning laminate floors can be a breeze. Microfiber mops work best because they glide effortlessly across the floor picking up dirt and dust, as well as moisture and pet hair. Plus its swivel heads make it quick to cover large floor spaces, even under tables and chairs.
  3. Avoid string mops or sponge mops. They soak up too much water which can leave streaky marks on the laminate floors and will make it easier for moisture to sink into the cracks.
  4. As for the cleaning solution, whether you use a store-bought commercial one or a DIY recipe, make sure you squirt just enough onto the mop pad.
  5. If you’re using a vacuum cleaner, put it on the wood floor setting. Vacuum in the direction that the floor is laid in to effectively collect all the dust and dirt between the cracks and grooves instead of trapping it.

Cleaning Up Spills

Use a cloth or sponge to immediately clean up any spills. Don’t allow it to sit for prolonged periods because it can seep in through the protective wear layer of the laminate flooring.
Before spot cleaning, dampen the cloth or sponge to remove any remaining residue before drying the spot with a clean, soft cloth.

Removing Different Types of Stain

  • Blood : Spray window cleaner then wipe with soft damp cloth.
  • Candle Wax : As soon as the molten wax hardens, use a plastic knife to gently scrape it off. Squirt with a window cleaner then wipe away remaining residue with a clean damp cloth.
  • Chewing Gum and Grease : Use a plastic bag of ice to freeze the glob before gently scraping it off with a plastic knife. Squirt with a window cleaner then wipe away remaining residue with a clean damp cloth.
  • Scuffs and Heel Marks : Remove by rubbing with a pencil eraser.
    Ink and crayon: Remove with rubbing alcohol.
  • Nail Polish : Use nail polish remover then wipe it with warm-watered damp cloth.

Do’s and Don’ts for Laminate Floors

  • Do not use string mops or sponge mops because they absorb too much water and can cause the core board to warp.
  • Do dampen the microfiber mop pad but not too much.
  • Do blot up large spills immediately with paper towel or dry cloth.
  • Do not allow puddles to remain on the surface of your laminate floor for prolonged periods.
  • Do not polish or wax your laminate floors.
  • Do use non-acidic cleaners and with neutral pH.
  • Do keep away chemical products or abrasive solutions from your laminate floors.
  • Do not use steel wool or scouring pads for removing stubborn stains.

With the right tools and technique, your laminate floors will be shiny and clean to give you years of beautiful performance.

If you're not sure what type of laminate flooring to purchase, Pergo, one of the world's largest manufacturer, has a great page to help you decide.