Brand comparison of Malarkey and Tamko asphalt roofing shingles.

Although replacing your home's roof can be expensive and tricky on your own, some reputable companies are willing to help. Malarkey and Tamko are two popular manufacturers that produce asphalt roofing shingles.


Tamko began making shingles in 1944 and continues to be a leader in the industry. Malarkey is family owned and operated with roots starting in 1956. The company's innovative spirit has led to some ground-breaking discoveries in polymerization, which helps to produce shingles with rubber-like qualities. Although both companies can offer factory-certified contractors to give you a roofing estimate, QualitySmith can also help you search for local contractors.

Malarkey-vs-Tamko-asphalt-roofing-shingles-3Malarkey asphalt roofing shingle Malarkey's current line includes the Legacy and Alaskan line of 3-tab shingles. More importantly, it produces the ECOASIS Premium line, a good choice for ecofriendly enthusiasts. The ECOASIS shingles are great at insulating your roof, and they also do well against sun damage.

The ECOASIS shingles also cost more, but the potential savings on heating or cooling your house make these shingles a sound investment. Additionally, the premium line includes an enhanced warranty, which covers algae control and the occasional wind damage.

Tamko is another well-known company that currently manufacturers the Heritage class of Tamko asphalt shingles shingles. It is a broad category and covers a variety of types such as Vintage and Woodgate. Woodgate is a classic reproduction of real wood-shake, and it looks great on log cabins. Surprisingly, Tamko also offers patio and deck construction, which isn't typical for a roofing manufacturer.

Tamko's warranty is extensive and includes a 50-year limited warranty, 15-year wind damage warranty, five-year transferability warranty, and 10-year algae warranty. Although many companies offer similar products, Tamko stands out by having an immense amount of colors and types.

Malarkey-vs-Tamko-asphalt-roofing-shingles-2Tamko and Malarkey can both offer organic shingles, laminated architectural shingles, 3-tab shingles and fiberglass shingles at a reasonable price. You can also find a factory-certified roofing contractor by contacting one of these companies, but a local contractor would be recommended if you want to cut roofing cost.

Be careful when hiring a contractor, as not everyone can install roofing. Take the time to check your would-be contractor's insurance or licenses as well. In addition, remember to check the references of contractors before you hire them, and make sure you get everything in writing. References can tell you a great deal about who you are about to pay, and they should be used appropriately.

It can sometimes be difficult to make good decisions regarding your home's roof. Numerous manufacturers and thousands of contractors that are available make the choices endless. Tamko and Malarkey are both well-known businesses that specialize in manufacturing quality asphalt roofing shingles, and either one can assist you greatly with your roofing needs. The roof is your home's defense, and its integrity should never be compromised.