Learn about new devices & the latest research topics that can meet your home cooling needs with this guide!

With technology constantly changing and evolving, you never know what the future might hold. Though it might seem like designers and manufacturers have reached the limit in the development of air conditioners, the future of air conditioning still looks bright, thanks to a few companies. As technology keeps changing, AC units will keep changing too.

One of the more unusual trends in air conditioning is something called a passive house. This type of home is one with a unique design that limits the amount of heating and cooling that the building needs. Instead of using a HVAC system or an AC device, the house uses energy saving features like automatic shading. The shading keeps the house cool without using any type of electricity.

The future of air conditioning may also include solar panels. You can use solar panels to heat your house, but some manufacturers are working with solar energy to keep houses cool. The panels garner energy from the sun and use that power to run air conditioners.


What about an air conditioner that runs on sound waves? Pennsylvania State University researchers discovered a way to create air conditioning from sound waves. They used that technology to power a large freezer. These devices have improved energy efficiency because the AC units use less energy.

Researchers are also working with smart metals that work in the same way as vapors do. These metals absorb heat from the surrounding area to keep a room cool.

While you cannot install air conditioner units of this type in your home, you can look forward to seeing similar models hit the market in the coming years. Samsung released a smart air conditioner in 2012, and the company plans to release several more over the next few years.


Smart air conditioner prices are quite high because of the technology involved. The units learn to predict your behavior and automatically adjust the temperature in the room.

When you request an air conditioner estimate, you might ask your contractor about the prices of these models and the warranty on each one.

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Smart metals, predictive air conditioners, passive houses, solar energy and units that use sound waves are just a few of the things that researchers hope you'll be able to enjoy in the future of air conditioning.