A Haier heat pump can be less expensive than many other heating and cooling options on the market.

Haier heat pump Heat pumps are heating and cooling units. They're especially effective in areas with moderate climates. A Haier heat pump can be less expensive than many other heating and cooling options on the market.

Heat pumps are rated by energy-efficiency ratio (EER) and seasonal energy-efficiency ratio (SEER). Look for Haier heat pumps with EER 12 or higher and SEER greater than 14.5.


According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE), if deciding between two products, opt for the one with the higher EER rating. Neither the SEER nor EER can be too high for a given area. If you want to aim for the highest values you can, but they may impact your budget considerably.

Haier heat pump air conditioning tends to need less tweaking and repair than a typical air conditioning unit. This is dramatically impacted by whether your product is installed correctly. Find an experienced contractor to install your heat pump air conditioner.

One of the biggest benefits to a heat pump HVAC system is the low cost of operation. A bad installation can prevent your home from cooling or heating effectively without a considerable amount of energy waste. It can also lead to early wear and tear, leading to the need for heat-pump repair or replacement.

By investing a little more in a competent professional, you could save yourself a considerable amount of frustration and money further down the road.

Haier typically offers a 10-year parts warranty on home cooling and heating equipment. Most manufacturers don't cover labor costs, so it's important to hire a contractor who guarantees the job gets done right. Make sure to ask about warranty information when you get an installation estimate, as that could have a big impact on the overall price of your equipment.

While Haier heat pumps do a good job of cooling hot air and work well as AC units, they may struggle with keeping things warm when temperatures drop toward or below freezing. In climates with cold winters, it's important to purchase an additional source for heating.

A qualified technician can ensure a furnace integrates correctly with the rest of your system to provide an affordable, energy-efficient solution to cold weather. It's important for consumers in colder climates to consider this need when comparing prices.

Heat pumps can offer considerable savings over air conditioning units. They use a smaller amount of electricity to manage the heating and cooling needs of a home, but they bring a few limitations as well. As mentioned above, they will struggle to keep your home warm once temperatures drop toward or below freezing.

Efficiency and durability will depend heavily on the quality of installation. Most importantly, to get the full benefits of an affordable system, you need to buy a reliable unit, such as a Haier heat pump.