You might think that homeowners would never sleep through the sound of breaking glass, but it happens more often than you might expect.

For added protection, most home security systems now offer glass break detectors as a standard option. Glass break detectors first gained popularity among commercial business owners with large window storefronts. Many Glass break detectors contain a small microphone that picks up vibrations in the window glass. Some systems contain a light that turns on and blinks when the windows move, which can alert you to the problem. Other monitors will emit a loud alarm that tells anyone outside that the system has been triggered. You can also purchase monitors set to the frequency of breaking glass enabling the microphone to pick up any noises stronger than the set frequency. Most glass break detectors are mounted on the wall below or above the window or on the ceiling.

windows detectors

The detector can track frequencies up to 30 feet away, preventing break-ins through multiple windows. Glass break detectors are routinely being included in wireless, cellular-based and Internet-based home security and monitoring systems. With a hardwired system, the glass break detector can trigger an alarm or a call to an offsite monitoring system (or a link to local authorities). With a wireless or cellular-based system, the glass break detector can send a signal directly to your monitoring device (cell phone, alarm pendent, Internet connection, etc.) and/or to a monitoring service supporting your system. Costs Glass break detector prices vary widely. Some systems include all equipment and sensors free of charge with an installation fee and participation in a service agreement of some length. Some systems sell introductory packages designed for do-it-yourself installation. High-end glass break detectors can run as high as $200 for the sensors alone. Review any home security system estimates carefully and ask your contractor or representative about including glass break detectors when you select a new or upgraded home security system. QualitySmith can put you in contact with local home security professionals who be sure the system you choose is the right one for you and your family.