The pros of Protect America home security systems weigh out the cons.

Protect America security system

Protect America home security prices are some of the lowest in the industry, yet the company has excellent reviews and strong customer service ratings. Based on home security system reviews, this is one of the top-rated companies in the industry, both for affordability and strong dedication to its customers. If you are looking to install residential alarm systems in your home, Protect America would be a solid choice.

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Protect America home security prices are fairly reasonable and straightforward. You pay nothing for installation, which you do yourself, and pay a set monthly fee based on the service you choose. For about $29.99 a month they offer a basic Copper Security package that offers the following benefits:

  • Free equipment.
  • Three door/window sensors.
  • One motion detector.
  • Three security stickers.
  • One security yard sign.
  • GE Simon XT control panel.
  • Free lifetime replacement parts warranty.
  • Free relocation kit for moving.
  • Flexible options for homes without landlines.

The Protect America system offers several benefits. First, you own your own equipment. This means you can easily take it with you when you move. Also, it is a wireless system, so you can install it without drilling holes in your walls.

The system is designed for those who wish to install residential alarm systems themselves, so it is relatively simple and comes with clear instructions. This helps lower the Protect America home security prices, as paying for professional installation is not required.


Home security system reviews regularly rate the Protect America customer service and monitoring as one of the best in the industry.

If you chose to install Protect America home security system components in your home, there are a few drawbacks to consider. First, the basic system may not be sufficient for your home, especially if you need more window and door sensors. Also, the control panel is not a touch-screen panel, but a standard keypad panel. Finally, it does not offer key fobs, which some homeowners prefer.

For those who choose to install Protect America home security system components, but want additional features outside of the basic package, the company offers upgrades with for more door and window sensors for an additional fee. The largest package, which has 15 door and window sensors, has a monthly monitoring price of about $42.99.

All systems include Protect America's monitoring service, which alerts their monitoring station when the alarm is tripped. The monitoring station then contacts the authorities on your behalf. Protect America offers monitoring through cellular, broadband and landline connections. Using a connection other than a landline connection will add an additional cost to the monthly monitoring fee.

With the company's excellent home security system reviews and the affordable Protect America home security prices, you will find this to be a good choice for your home security needs. If you are considering hiring someone to install home security system components in your home, or are looking for more information about home security in general, QualitySmith can help.