Find out the advantages and disadvantages of copper wire in a hurricane zone.

Copper electrical wiring and a hurricane

Many homeowners want to protect their homes from potential damage. Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina showed the damage to homes is a costly thing. Copper wire pricing is on the rise. Before you hire a wiring contractor to hurricane-proof your home, compare electrical wire prices and think about things that you can do on your own.

copper wire

The cost of copper wire depends on a variety of different factors, including the amp of the wire and its size. The price generally starts at around $180 per 1,000 feet, but the price can climb to more than $50,000 per 1,000 feet for thicker and more durable wire.

Copper prices continually rise in the United States, and some cities even suffered problems from copper resellers. These men and women broke into storm-ravaged and abandoned homes, stripping the copper from the walls and selling it to recycling centers. Protecting your home from hurricanes and storms can actually reduce the risk of this happening to your own home.

Copper wire has a number of advantages over other types of wires. It is a better conductor, and it can send more power and electricity than other wires. Copper also has a high melting point, which cuts down on the chances of the wires overheating and melting during a power surge caused by a storm.

During Hurricane Sandy, some homeowners witnessed their homes catching fire because of faulty wiring, but this does not occur when you use copper. If you install the wiring yourself, you will also find that the copper is more flexible and lightweight, which makes it easier for novices to work with than other materials.


Hurricane-proof homes often have a unique design or shape such as a rounded roof or flat surfaces that keep the windows from damaging the roof and walls. You can protect your own home at a fraction of the cost by replacing your existing wiring system with copper wires.

Electrical wire prices range from a few cents per foot to hundreds of dollars per square foot, but it's a cheaper alternative than replacing your entire home after a storm. If you are concerned about the power failing during a storm, you can also add a generator. The generator will let your family have access to lights and appliances for cooking even as a storm rages outside.

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