Comparison of GAF ridge cap shingles: Seal-A-Ridge vs Z-Ridge

When you are adding a new roof onto your house, ridge cap shingles provide added protection and prevent leaks. GAF makes several options, each designed for different environments and roof types. As you make a GAF Seal-A-Ridge vs Z-Ridge ridge cap shingles comparison, use QualitySmith as an information hub for all of your questions and concerns.


GAF Seal-A-Ridge ridge cap shingles

The GAF Seal-A-Ridge line of ridge cap shingles comes in three options: standard, ArmorShield and IR. All three types can be installed as part of GAF's Lifetime Roofing system, which comes with a lifetime limited roofing warranty. The standard shingle offers an exposure of 6 2/3 inches, with each ridge cap shingle measuring about one foot wide. When you request a roofing estimate, it is important to consider supplemental materials like nails in your overall roofing cost. The standard Seal-A-Ridge shingle requires about two nails, and four bundles can cover about 100 feet.

The ArmorShield and IR Seal-A-Ridge shingles are designed for use with GAF's patented impact-resistant shingles, which are used in areas that have inclement weather. They are both certified with the UL 2218 impact resistance of Class IV. Like the standard Seal-A-Ridge shingles, the ArmorShield and IR shingles are made with a fiberglass asphalt design. All three Seal-A-Ridge shingles are rated with a UL 790 Class A fire rating. The Z-Ridge hip and ridge cap shingles are made for use with architectural shingles or to add dimension to roofs that use 3-tab shingles or easy-install asphalt roofing shingles.

GAF Z-Ridge ridge cap shingles

rooferAlthough the ridge cap shingles add to the asphalt shingle prices, they can save money in the long run by helping you avoid residential roofing problems. The Z-Ridge line is designed to reinforce the areas of your roof that experience the most stress. They are available as part of the Lifetime Roofing System. The Z-Ridge shingles are made with a patented Z-fold design, which gives the look of traditional wooden shakes without the high cost. They are made by machine, which allows you to create a more unified look than you'll achieve by making your own ridge cap shingles. Plus, the Z-Ridge line is available in a wide range of colors, so you can select the option that complements your home design.

Each Z-Ridge shingle has an exposure of just under six inches and measures about 10 inches wide. The shingles are rated with a UL 790 Class A rating. As you make your decision, consider location; the Z-Ridge shingles are only available in GAF's Western and Southwest service areas.

As you make a roofing selection, consider the aesthetic you want to create. The perfect ridge cap shingles will complement your base roofing material and provide a beautiful finishing touch. As you conduct a GAF Seal-A-Ridge vs Z-Ridge ridge cap shingles comparison, look to QualitySmith for reviews by actual customers. By looking carefully at each product before you buy, you can increase the chance of picking the best shingle for the job.
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