A summary review of options you have when considering adding automated electronic door locks to your home security or home automation systems

Modern home security systems are routinely featuring home automation components. An obvious piece to any automated home security system will be automated electronic door locks. Weighing the pros, cons and costs of automated electronic door locks will help you decide whether adding one to your home security system is a good decision. Home automation system with an automated door lock

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Pros: The most obvious advantage to adding automated electronic door locks is the control you can have. Whether your home automation is an add-on to a traditional or hardwired home security system or a more flexible wireless, cellular or Internet-based system, automated electronic door locks can be set almost anytime from anywhere. You can pre-set times for when door locks are armed and disarmed. You can add PIN security codes for engaging or disengaging locks. If coordinated with a monitoring or video camera surveillance system, you can let a family member or service professional into your home from a remote location.

door lockCons : While convenient and flexible, automated electronic door locks can be at the mercy of unexpected power outages in your area. These more complicated locks can also require more specialized professionals on those occasions when they may malfunction or need to be replaced or repaired. Less advanced electronic automated electronic doorslocks can add flexibility and security security systems can, in some cases, be hacked using the same signaling systems designed to operate them.

Costs : These locks are nearly always more expensive than traditional locks for your home. Some automated home security system providers offer free equipment and installation when you sign a long-term service contract. Some providers sell you all the equipment you’ll need and allow you to install and maintain the system yourself. It’s not uncommon to pay as much as $100 or more for a good automated electronic door lock.

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