What homeowners need is an affordable, long-lasting roof with low maintenance.  However, this is hardly the case. Most roofs need replacement or repair every decade. Here are a few insights on choosing a roof top that will help you save on resources in the long run.

Roofing Brands and Manufacturers

There are various manufacturers and brands of roofing materials to choose from. They come with unique selling points, packaging their products with different benefits. Before you choose from a brand, ensure that they are licensed and insured. Also, make sure the warranty they are offering is the best. Different companies offer different warranties.

roofing tile

Estimating costs

Roofing tiles are sold in squares, especially 100 square areas. To determine the size of roofing you need, multiply the length to the width of each roofing section then divide the result by 100. Apart from the purchase money, you need to set aside cash for labor and any other miscellaneous costs.


As much as you need a roof over you, you also want a beautiful house. Aesthetic properties count. However, compare prices for different roof types so that you do not end up spending too much on the beauty rather than the efficiency of a roof.


The most affordable roofing type is asphalt. It contains both good appearance and durability. It can last for 30 years. However, it is vulnerable to high winds.

Composition shingles

They provide a clean look at a relatively cheap price. The higher-quality types are designed from asphalt or fiberglass shingles. They have a longer life-span and could contain recycled content. They come in different shapes and color. They are also comparably easy to install. They can also be placed on top of another making them cheap to maintain. On the downside, they are easily damaged with high winds and scorching sun.

wood shakes

Wood shakes

They give a natural appearance, rich in character. They come in different variations making it impossible to use two different designs together. It acts as an insulating agent yet also gives the house ventilation through the small openings created by the felt rows used for laying the roof. However, it requires high maintenance. It is affected by moulds, insects and rots. It is also difficult to recycle old wood.  They are also vulnerable to fire. Very few improvised wood shakes meet the safety standards of national fire. Installing the roof is not as straight forward. It depends solely on the skill of the contractor and shakes’ caliber.
The best of its kind are obtained from the heartwood of large old cedar trees.

Clay roofing tile

They work best with Spanish Mission design or southwestern Italian or modern homes. They are durable and come in different variations. They also require minimum maintenance. The main disadvantage of clay roofing top is its weight. It is so heavy that extra supporting is often needed.  The color it has is semi-permanent and would fade in due course. The material used to make them is fragile and could easily break. Consequently, they are difficult to maintain or renovate. It is more complicated to install it than any other type of roofing. They are also comparably expensive.


This is also common in modern houses. Even though it is expensive, its appearance is natural and can be arranged in different patterns. It has equal benefits to those of tiles. The disadvantages are also the same.

Concrete Tiles

It contains a mixture of different roofing materials bounded by a concrete panel made from fiber-reinforced cement products. The product is non-recyclable. However, it offers a long lifespan. They also require minimal maintenance. Just like tiles and slates, they offer good fire resistance and cannot be attacked by insects and rot.  They mimic the style and appearance of the natural looking roofing tops.

Metal Roofs

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are durable, almost maintenance-free and fire retardant. They also regulate energy. Metal roofs reflect heat and prevent its transfer into the attic. Steel roofs is environmental-friendly. They contain 60-65 percent recyclable material. Their light weight enables it to be installed onto other roofing tops, thus controlling wastage. However, initial costs are expensive. It would be best to use it in a permanent structure.

Hot Mop

Hot mopped asphalt roofing can be used on flat or semi-flat residential roofs with proper drainage.  Its advantage is its affordable cost. It also fits well on the roof tops. However, it needs decoration to boost its appearance. During installation, it removes toxic gases that are harmful to people’s health. The gases also remove a bad odor to the environment.

This is a complete list of some of the things you should consider when purchasing a new roof top. It will help you make an informed decision.