Seeking info on air conditioners for apartments? Well, you've found it.

Air conditioners for apartments are limited.  If you're considering installing air conditioning into your apartment, you're probably not alone. Statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration  show that although air conditioners for apartments may be available across 82 percent of apartment buildings, air conditioner types are often the older, more costly and less efficient room air conditioning units.

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Of course, opting for a central AC system does really depend on your location, as there is little point going to the expense of hiring an AC contractor in regions that only get hot weather for a month or so of the year.

Another consideration for apartment dwellers is the type of air conditioner systems that are allowed by the landlord or owner corporation.

portable air conditionerChoosing the best air conditioners for apartments may depend on any rules and regulations that apply under rental or housing agreements, so one of the simplest options is to go for a portable air conditioner unit.

Portable air conditioners are a great choice as they are simple to set up, can be moved anywhere in the apartment, often offer a long warranty and have varying coolant capacities. In 2015, portable air conditioner prices ranged from approximately $200 upwards, but you'll also find your electricity bills will start to rocket if you use your AC regularly. So running costs also need to be factored into the total budget for home cooling.

If you live in an older apartment building, another option is a window or wall mounted AC unit . These units are less expensive to run and do not require professional contractor installation, although you may wish to have a window contractor if you need to cut through glass.

You will find part of the unit has to be situated on the outside of the window or building though, so this may not be a suitable choice for your circumstances.

window air conditionerChoosing the right air conditioners for apartments can be a bit of a minefield, as many buildings don't allow any alterations or additions to exterior walls or windows.

Many apartment blocks already have heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in place, so the option to install air conditioners is reduced. If your apartment HVAC system does not give reasonable AC results, you may wish to instruct a professional contractor to check out the system.

However, the U.S. Energy Information Administration report shows that many central systems installed prior to the 1980s are inefficient. Your best option may be to purchase a portable AC unit for more effective home cooling.

Whether you choose to upgrade to a central AC system or renovate your current HVAC system, you will need to obtain a range of air conditioner estimates from a number of reputable contractors to ensure you get the best deal on the market. QualitySmith provides information on a range of DIY projects around the home, including sourcing the best air conditioners for apartments.