DIY attic shelving systems can be a cost-efficient way to increase storage space in any attic.  Learn the basics of DIY attic shelving systems.

DIY attic shelving systems. Photo by Do-it-yourself projects for attics are becoming popular among homeowners everywhere. Attics can be a great source of storage for homeowners. DIY attic shelving systems can be a cost-efficient way to increase storage space in any attic. Whether you have a finished or unfinished attic, shelving is beneficial in many ways.

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Attic shelving basics

The main reason people take on DIY attic projects is because they want to clear up space in their attics. Attic shelving is a great way to accomplish that goal. You can choose to use this extra space any way you like.

Shelves are easy to construct. Do-it-yourself projects can be inexpensive enough to fit into almost any budget. Materials are relatively cheap and can be purchased at almost any home improvement or hardware store. There are also kits available that include all the materials you will need, minus tools.

If you do need a hand, don't hesitate to hire a contractor. A contractor will not only be aware of any city codes, but will also have years of experience and ideas that you may not think of.

Attic shelving construction

Attic shelving construction is very simple. In most cases, if you can read instructions, you can install attic shelving.

The most important thing to take into consideration during attic DIY projects is the attic trusses. In order for your shelves to be solid and sturdy, they have to be braced on a foundation that has been fitted between the trusses.

If you need help during the installation of your attic shelving, there are countless tutorial videos available on the Web that adequately addresses every aspect of this subject.

If you're lacking in time, knowledge or just need a hand, connect with a contractor.


Attic shelving in finished attics vs. unfinished attics

Shelving options become a little bit different when you are planning a DIY project for a finished attic as opposed to an unfinished one.

The trusses are not a main consideration when it comes to finished attics, because drywall covers the trusses. When you are shelving a finished attic, a wider variety of shelving options become available to you. You can also opt for custom shelving tailored just for you if you are installing them in a finished attic.

Adding shelves to an attic is a great, inexpensive way to free up more room. If you are considering starting a DIY attic shelving systems, research any addition and remodel questions you may have at QualitySmith before you begin.