For kids, playing in the snow when winter finally comes is fun and it is a time for literally chilling out. However, for most adults—and homeowners at that—clearing up driveways and thawing out frozen pipes are not really enjoyable tasks. So if you’re clueless as to how you’re going to give your home some TLC when winter kicks in, read on for easy tips!

1) Clear out dead trees.

Dead tree limbs could cause great harm to anyone during extreme weather conditions, so it’s advisable to get rid of them while you still can. Eliminate tree branches and trunks that can possibly obstruct pathways, your yard, roof, pipes, gutters, and decks or anything that can fall on your vehicles. Stray tree limbs are just accidents waiting to happen so it would be best to deal with these early on.


2) Pay close attention to your plumbing.

Constant changes in temperature may cause your pipes to be prone to bursting. Freezing and thawing cycles could lead to long-term damage and even molds on your plumbing.

To winterize your pump and sprinkler systems, make sure to drain the excess water from the valves and the mainline. With the help of a handyman you trust, you may also drain water from your pipes using compressed air. It is also advisable to cover the exterior components of your plumbing systems to protect them from inclement weather.

3) Check your roof for holes.

Inspect your roof, ceiling, chimney and areas around windows for holes that you might have overlooked before. Do quick fixes for cracks, gaps, and holes by using reliable sealants that can withstand snow and rain. It is also a must to check where water might build up or where ice could form to prevent annoying leaks. If the needed repairs are much more complicated, don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional.

4) Clean up your chimney.

Your fireplace is most likely your favorite part of your home every winter; so obviously, you need to check your chimney as well so you could truly make the most out of it. Free your chimney from dirt, bugs, and dangerous debris that might have accumulated there for a long time now. You may ask for the assistance of a chimney sweep when clearing it out, especially for areas that are hard to reach. Replace your furnace filter after every 3 months.

Clean up  chimney

5) Make sure your thermostat is in good condition.

One of the equipment that does a very important job in the winter is your thermostat. It keeps you comfortably warm throughout the freezing months and regulates the temperature in your home. Check if your thermostat is in good running condition; you may opt to have one that is programmable so you can conserve energy and save money. Raise the temperature on it only when needed. If yours is broken, have it fixed immediately so you won’t have to deal with it once winter has already kicked in.

6) Avoid “over-sealing”.

Sure, it is always a great idea to keep your house warm and free from cold and moisture, but always remember that balance is key. Over-insulating could affect air quality—and your health—since unwanted air is not properly vented out properly. Maintain just the right amount of ventilation so you could breathe easily without letting that much cold in.

Gearing Up Your Home in the Winter

Follow the simple tips we’ve mentioned above so you can be sure that your house makes it through the snowy months. Having a fuss-free winter for you and your home is now within your reach!