When it comes to home additions, a solar greenhouse can add value. You have a choice between prefabricated, greenhouse kits and stick-built greenhouses.

Whether you want to reduce your grocery bill or provide your family with healthy vegetables, a solar greenhouse is a valuable addition to your home.


When it comes to home additions, solar greenhouses can add value. For many people, it's difficult to choose between prefabricated greenhouses, greenhouse kits and stick-built greenhouses. In most cases, the final decision depends on your building experience, budget and available time.

If you have limited time to allocate to your greenhouse, a prefabricated greenhouse is the best solution. Prefabricated solar greenhouses are manufactured by a number of companies around the world. Many companies will build customers' greenhouses to order so that it fits perfectly in your yard and next to your house. When you purchase a prefabricated greenhouse, you can be sure that the solar heating systems are engineered perfectly to work with your area's available sunlight.


Advantages of prefabricated greenhouses:

  • Professional installation doesn't require building expertise
  • Saves time on design and construction
  • Professional design increases efficiency
  • Customizable to your individual needs

Solar-greenhouse-optionsFor consumers with some level of building experience, solar greenhouse kits offer a cost savings over prefabricated greenhouses. When you order a kit, you will receive all of the materials necessary to build a greenhouse. Most kits require that you have basic tools including hammers and drills. Greenhouse kits usually come with window panes, doors, ventilation systems, roofing panels and walls. Depending on the kit, you may need to build a foundation for your greenhouse.

Advantages of solar greenhouse kits:

  • Easy solar greenhouse construction
  • Cheaper than prefabricated models
  • Can be set up in an area with the most sun
  • Easy to move or transport

If you have some building experience or you are willing to learn on the job, you can build your own solar greenhouse. Building a greenhouse from scratch is no small job, but it can be considerably cheaper if you use recycled or repurposed materials. By using materials that are not new, you can also reduce the ecological footprint of your sustainable remodeling project.

One of the biggest challenges of a stick-built greenhouse is the passive solar heating system; the windows must be placed in an area that gets adequate sun. Depending on your yard and available space, this may be a difficult task.

Advantages of stick-built greenhouses:

  • Cheaper than kits or prefabricated structures
  • Completely customizable to your budget and space
  • Option to use recycled materials
  • Can be designed to complement your home
  • Can be built as a home addition

As you consider the different types of greenhouses, it is important to note the factors that will affect solar gain. Without enough sunlight, your plants will not be warm enough to grow. When it comes to types of additions, solar greenhouses are cost effective and provide consistent return on investment over the years. As you build your greenhouse, use QualitySmith to find details about building suppliers, greenhouse manufacturers and construction resources.

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