A guide to garage remodel costs and what you should consider, including how to choose a contractor.

Many homeowners feel the need to fit in their boomerang children or to accommodate aging parents. Not surprisingly, moving to a larger house or upsizing an existing one is not the priority. Instead, most people choose to remodel and upgrade their house. One of the most practiced ways of adding space is through garage remodeling.

While it is usually cheaper than building a second storey, it's still an extensive project that requires a consultation with a professional or a licensed contractor. Aside from the design and plan of your new space, there are other things that you need to consider, including building codes and the cost of materials.


Local Ordinances and Building Codes

Garage remodel with new doors Depending on your location and the scope of your project, you may need to submit a building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permit and pay the required permit fees. A building inspector from the Development Services Department may also visit and inspect your garage's existing features, including the ceiling heights, windows, insulation and flooring, for the building permit to be approved. Meeting the building code requirements for a living space can be quite expensive, so you may need to consult a licensed architect or general contractor to examine your garage and get an estimate.

Additional Plumbing and Electrical

Most garages are installed with plumbing and electrical, which saves you the conversion costs. Additional installations, however, may be necessary for a more livable and customized space. Building up the floor and reworking of the exterior walls allow more space for additional plumbing and electrical wires, and this can be easily performed by the general contractor and his team.

Garage Remodel Costs


A garage door opening impacts the look of converted garages. Some choose to cover it with a large-scale element, while others choose to take it down altogether and build a new wall. If you choose to keep your large garage door, make sure that it is weather tight and allows light to pass inside your garage. An interior designer can suggest a good solution if you're not sure on what to do with your garage opening.

Cost of Materials

Residential renovations can be quite expensive, especially if you're planning to transform a garage into a comfortable and habitable space. It's advisable to perform some comparative shopping of supplies and materials. If you're employing a contractor for the job, he can provide a free estimate of the total cost of the project, including the cost of materials and labor. Make sure to keep a transparent transaction and keep everything on paper to avoid hidden costs. Materials for a 300 square foot garage can cost somewhere between $1,900 and $2,300. The whole project can cost a minimum of $3,000 to a maximum of $25,000. With careful planning and skillful workers, your garage can turn into a nice living area.

Consulting and employing a professional contractor can help immensely in completing your garage remodeling project, and you can also search and use QualitySmith to find licensed contractors, designers and architects in your area.