Shut the door on your closet woes. Learn about options for saving space with closet kits and prefabricated closets.

An important consideration when choosing or building a home is closet space. Prefabricated closets and closet kits help you make the most out your space if you fall in love with a home that doesn't have enough storage.

When choosing interior storage options, it's important to consider the amount of space you have available and the shelving you'll need to store essential items.

Once you get a general idea of what you need, QualitySmith can help you find a contractor to hammer out all the details and install your new closets.


Prefabricated closets and closet kits run the gamut from low-cost shelving units made of melamine and plastic to elaborate wood creations to please the most discriminating tastes.

Melamine, plastic and wire interior storage are less expensive and easy to clean, but wire racks can sag if you store heavy objects on them. Wood closets and shelving cost considerably more, but provide you with unmatched durability and visual appeal.

You can also choose between solid and ventilated shelving, depending on the items you will be storing and how heavy they are.

All prefabricated closets are designed to fit in your rooms without taking up much valuable floor space. You'll gain enclosed, organized storage, without sacrificing too much room.

Many retailers offering prefabricated closets and closet kits let you create your own design, so you can tailor the product to fit your unique needs.

These retailers give you many choices to customize your closet space:

  • Length, width and depth of your space.
  • Preferred construction material.
  • Type of doors you prefer.
  • Color of your walls.

closet kits

Thinking through these items helps you narrow your choices considerably and makes customization of your interior storage a breeze.

If you are short on space, you have the option of prefabricated wall closets designed to make the most of the area. These units often feature shoe racks along the bottom, a short hanging space for blouses or shirts, a long hanging space for dresses, slacks and coats and an upper storage rack for items that aren't used very often.

When you are adding walk-in closets with more room, prefabricated closets and closet kits can help you stay organized by providing specific sections that are tailored to suit your personal needs. This gives you more room for specialized shelving, or maybe you need a spot for tie racks or additional drawers for your essentials.

QualitySmith helps you find contractors in your area who can not only install, but also help you choose prefabricated closets and closet kits that fit with your needs and your budget.

Whether you are building a home to your specifications or adding storage to an existing house, prefabricated closets and closet kits can save you money and time.