A guide to the line of casement windows by Andersen Windows

Andersen casement windows are designed to enhance the flow of ventilation from the window openings in your home. Side hinges allow you to open the full window sash, directing air flow where desired. There are multiple models available, so you should look at Andersen casement window prices and the differences between models before making a buying decision.

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Andersen 400 Series casement windows

Andersen casement windows: The Andersen 400 Series offers a simple design for casement windows that not only provides improved ventilation but also serves as an emergency exit from your home. The 400 Series is built of solid wood and covered with a Perma-Shield cladding to prevent water damage. The windows come in five exterior colors with interior choices of white or natural pine. Dual-layered weather stripping aids in keeping the window opening sealed, preventing dust, wind and moisture from seeping through into the home. Custom sizes are available for the 400 Series, allowing you to fit the windows throughout your home regardless of the sizes of your window openings.

Andersen 100 Series casement windows

windowsThe Andersen 100 Series is designed much like the 400 Series. The primary difference lies in the material used for the window's construction. The 100 is built using Fibrex composite material for durability. The material is fade resistant and won't flake, peel or blister with exposure to weather or sunlight. A low-e glass is standard in the 100 Series, along with weather stripping around the full perimeter of the frame to enhance the window's energy efficiency. Like the 400, the 100 Series can be used as an emergency exit. Unlike the 400, however, the 100 can be obtained as stationary windows and in casement form. Five exterior colors offer you the ability to complement the existing look of your home, while the low-maintenance white matte interior can save you in cleaning time.

Andersen A-Series casement windows

The A-Series of casement windows from Andersen finishes out the primary lineup of available models. The design is a bit more complicated than that used for the 400 and 100 Series models, and more design options are available. The A-Series uses a handle for easy opening and is made with a tall bottom rail to resemble traditional window designs. There are 11 exterior colors available, with oak, pine or maple interiors coming in 10 finishes. Dual-layered weather stripping provides protection from outside elements, and like the other two models, the A-Series can be used as an emergency exit.

In addition to the square window designs of the three primary models, the 400 Series and A-Series both include complementary models that feature a variety of arched shapes. Due to the custom sizing of casement windows, the Andersen windows price for each model is largely dependent on whether you purchase a ready-made window or you need a custom-made one. New windows tend to range in price from $391 to $1,009.

For a more precise windows estimate that takes into account windows cost and the labor cost to install windows in your home, you can contact a contractor listed at QualitySmith. This contractor should be able to give an estimate on Andersen casement window prices for the three primary models as well as the complementary models.