Knowing when to replace an asphalt shingle roof can be difficult, and most people naturally want to put off the inevitable expense that accompanies replacement.

Despite the fact that asphalt shingles are extremely durable and last for a long time on your roof, eventually they will have to be replaced. The typical asphalt roof will last for twenty years, with some lasting even longer. But with age, an asphalt roof will eventually fail.


The main cause of natural aging for an asphalt roof is the sun

You may notice when you are evaluating your property that the part of the roof that faces south will show an elevated amount of wear and tear. Poor drainage, pollution, hail, wind, climate extremes and damage from tree limbs can all take their toll on your roof, leading to damage and the eventual need for replacement.

As a general rule, if your roof is fifteen years old, you should begin planning its replacement

Any roofs over twenty years old should be evaluated by a roofing contractor to determine how much they will cost to replace. QualitySmith is a valuable source for finding professional, reputable roofing companies to get the job done at the best price and with quality results.

As a roof begins to age, you will start to see a couple of things happen

tattered-asphalt-shinglesFirst, the shingles on your roof will begin to shrink. Second, if your roof was built using the typical 3-tab shingle, the vertical gaps that are located between the shingle tabs will start to open up. These gaps, which are usually around 3/8 inches wide, will be around 3/4 inch wide on older roofs and the edges will begin to lift and curl. An older roof will also lose its granular coating and the shingles on the roof will begin to thicken at the edges and eventually cup, split, and crack.

A professional roofer can evaluate the condition of your roof

Roofers will recommend whether you need a complete replacement or if roofing over the existing one is possible. Roofing over entails putting on a second layer of roofing shingles. This is sometimes an option when the old shingles are in fairly good condition and flat. This can sometimes be the best course of action when a laminate architectural shingle type is chosen for replacement, since the texture of this new shingle is useful in covering up imperfections in the existing shingles.

When an existing roof has two or more layers of shingles already, or if the current shingles are in bad shape, roofing over is not possible. In this instance, the current shingles will have to be removed down to the wood deck and new shingles will need to be added.

The roofing cost depends on a lot of variables

The materials you choose, the size of the roof and other factors will come into play. For example, if you want a warranty on a fiberglass shingle option, it could cost you more than basic asphalt roofing shingles. Costs can vary widely among contractors, so be sure to get a roofing estimate from more than one contractor before you replace an asphalt shingle roof.